This Is What Happens When You Can’t sleep one night


You turn on the TV, see an infomercial, and before you know it, The HoverCover arrives in the mail. Not one, but two…you know the spiel, Buy One and Get The Second One for only Shipping and Handling. Yep, I did that.

In case you are one of the few who have not seen the ad, here’s what the Hover Cover does. Clever, I think.

I don’t microwave to cook but I do use it to reheat. For instance, I may cook a whole batch of chicken thighs at once then leave them in the fridge to have as leftovers or to tear up into soups. Reheating chicken is particularly messy in a microwave, it tends to splatter. Same with anything spaghetti sauce related or something that is melty.

I haven’t tried the Hover Cover out yet – I’m still reading the Consumer Protection leaflet, telling me my arbitration rights if I were to be harmed by the use of this product. Yikes!


Still, I think the premise is a good one – I heard it was a SharkTank idea that Shark Lori Grenier bought and is promoting. Kudos for the great name and for such a simple concept. I do not like that it is Made in China. I might have not bought it knowing that aforehand.

I’ll try it on something splatter-worthy later and report. Anyone else bought this??

Tried nuking bacon, melting butter, leftover chicken, and spaghetti with sauce. Not a spot  or splatter anywhere. Kept the microwave sidewalls (and the roof too) perfectly clean. The HC gets a little hot to the touch but works as advertised. I give it a ten. Clever. Easy to use. Easy to store too if you don’t want to keep it in the microwave, which for me is what’ll happen. I don’t think I want plastic in the microwave for nuking things that don’t need to be covered. Make sense?

I don’t need two so some lucky and unnamed liberal family member might have the second one I got, and haven’t opened, wrapped at Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.


19 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Can’t sleep one night

  1. Going back to another ‘as seen on tv’ purchase, how are those MY Pillows holding up?
    Hover Cover looks like a good idea but if itsn’t kept hovering while not in use, it might find itself in the back of a pantry shelf before long. I need another pantry for all my forgotten gadgets….
    What messy dish are you going to test the cover on?

    1. I love the My Pillow!!!! I can’t sleep without it. The ads are true.

      I’m going to try melting butter, always a splattery mess and maybe something saucy.

      Agree that for me, an occasional nuker, the HC will soon end up in the cupboard below. Heck, if I find out the product is really useless, I saved the box, for Christmas regifting. 🙂

  2. My “HoverCover” is a sheet of wax paper placed loosely on top so steam can escape: no spatters and no clean-up.

    1. Huh, that looks good and you are right, it was NOT in our review of ginger beers. I found I liked the spicy ginger beers so this one might be worth finding. Thanks.

    1. The directions with the HoverCover refer to arcing (sp?), something I associate with metal in the microwave. So the plastic magnets must have a core of metal.

      New to me: Diet Smith’s Space Coupe. Love that you keep broadening my cartoon horizons. PS: Saw a season 2 Family Guy episode. Amazing how bad the animation was then and how unrefined the characters were.

      1. That space coupe thing was a part of the Dick Tracy comic strip- for the life of me, I don’t know why 8 year old me didn’t ask WTF? At least I was smart enough not to waste any time on Prince Valiant.

        I’ll have to look at old Family Guy. I don’t bother with South Park because of the unrefined output.

        1. I didn’t read comics as a kid with the exception of a couple of Nancy comics. With no brothers, Dick Tracy wasn’t on my radar much. My eight-year-old self liked Roy Rogers and when I was with my grandmother in Ohio, we’d watch Queen For a Day.
          This clip is particularly hysterical. Look at the faces of the women, each looking desperate for approval as the audience claps. I remember even then thinking this was all made up.

        2. Wow. That was a bit before my time. It did look like they were all vying for most pathetic, but, I think you’re right, the applaus-o-meter was rigged. Then she keeps that grim look throughout the prize presentation – I’m sure just that look the sponsors were hoping for.

          Remember this one?

        3. Their wish lists were so meager too. A washing machine? Educational toys? The show budget must have been next to nothing.
          Funny P-I-R clip. Bob Barker was the better host although Drew Carey genuinely seems to enjoy the job. I rarely watch it.

  3. Queen for a Day. What a pathetic show that was! As a kid I watched it but couldn’t understand why a miserable life would turn into one of luxury if only she had a brand new washing machine or that all her health ills would disappear with a jacuzzi whirlpool bath. I didn’t know what a jacuzzi was until years later and was actually rather disappointed when I learned bubble baths gum up the works.
    Saturday morning cartoons on tv – other than Bugs Bunny-didn’t hold my interest but Sky King and Roy Rogers did. I was allowed to read comic books unlike many of my friends. Archie, Nancy, Blondie, Mutt and Jeff are some I remember.

    1. I figure Q4aD was as rigged as $64K Question. They had to pay women to look that sad and make up sob stories. Right 100% about the prize not remotely able to turn their lives around. What would? Tonight’s $430m PB!! 🙂
      I never had comics in the house – it wasn’t that I wasn’t allowed – I just never found them interesting. I was too busy on my bike or climbing trees. There was a pharmacy down the street that had a magazine/comic shelf and I read them there before buying either a lime or root beer popsicle. Root beer the preferred. Mmmm.
      Loved Sky King.

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