It’s Funny How You Can Know someone for only Seven Days Yet feel such a strong connection

Meet Warren Bowhall, a photo from his youth.

He and a traveling companion were our table mates for a week aboard the QM2. Warren, a gentleman through and through – witty, classy, impeccably dressed, debonair, well-traveled, loved life – a rare breed of man. The smile in the photo tells it all. From the first day I met him, I had a spiritual connection – spiritual not as in religious, spiritual as in meeting someone who shares a wild sense of humor, who can laugh out loud until the belly aches, spiritual as in connecting with someone who wants to know everything about everything and who isn’t afraid to try new things… isn’t afraid of failure.

Warren crossed the Atlantic some 50 times, would meet friends for lunch in Southampton, then hop back aboard the ship and return to New York. All for the joy of meeting new people, seeing the ocean at different times of the year, relishing in the formality of the voyage. He had planned a QM2 voyage in May. Sadly he didn’t live to take it.

He died in April at the age of 89, but he was 89 going on 49. He was as young at heart as any man I’ve ever known. We asked him once if he had any children and he said not that he knew of. He had cancer but you wouldn’t know it to see him. The twinkle in his eyes belied the pain he must have been enduring.

We didn’t learn of his passing until much after the fact so we didn’t attend any services back in April but I’ve been invited to meet some of his friends and hopefully get to hear tales from them of the dear sweet man he was.

I look at some people who spend their lives hating or who are always angry – angry at the world, angry at life – then you meet someone like Warren, who ran with life, ran like the wind. I hope I grow old happy, with that same twinkle.

Fittingly, Warren asked that his ashes be cast to the ocean from the QM2. I hope they give him a 21-whistle salute!! I salute him.

11 thoughts on “It’s Funny How You Can Know someone for only Seven Days Yet feel such a strong connection

  1. You said
    I look at some people who spend their lives hating or who are always angry – angry at the world, angry at life
    I keep focusing on the ‘always angry’ in a political realm. Don’t hate Trump, don’t hate Obama, etc…………and here’s where the problem starts……don’t hate al-Assad, don’t hate Kim Jong-un.

    1 John 2:9 ESV
    Whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness.

    1. I think one can hate the politics of someone, hate a dictator’s desire to destroy/control a country and its people, but today there seems to be no definition in that hate. The Trump haters (and to be fair, to an extent the Obama haters) hate the man. I never hated Obama but I intensively disliked how he was hell bent on destroying America.

  2. I remember well your posts from aboard the QM2 about dinners with this man. Thanks for the update.

    I think we all hope to live life to the fullest but most of us, myself included, get bogged down in the every day stuff of life – bills, family, ugly politics, and health. I find myself complaining more and more these days and my wife hates it. I think a good lesson is to be learned from how Warren went out a happy man.

    We’re back in Miami after a bonus ten days in Wyoming. It was one of the best trips I’ve taken, family wedding in Jackson Hole was sublime. I can see how people are drawn to the majestic Rocky Mountains.

    1. Points well addressed about life – we all get bogged down, feel blue, feel overwhelmed, get angry – the difference as I see it is those for whom anger is 365/24/7 versus those who get angry and then move on.

      I’m thrilled to hear you loved Wyoming. It’s impossible not to love its beauty.

  3. Haven’t you ever gotten down, felt angry at the world? I think most of do, like Peter said, more often than not.

    1. Of course of course, but like I said to Peter, I tend to get angry at myself, for doing something stupid, or for speaking without thinking (my specialty!). I don’t carry the anger around like a dead weight though. I slough it off and get out and go and do. Some things take longer to slough off but I get there.

  4. I’m angry at my parents because I can only imagine what a blithe sprit, a charming correspondent, a hail-fellow-well-met I would be if only they had given me that well endowed trust fund that I truly deserved…

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