I came within a CH of needing you guys to start a GoFundMe Bail page!


Driving home from a slew of errands, I motored up Cantitoe, with the Bedford Golf and Tennis Club on my right. Where the arrow is where I came upon a hot dog bicyclist, in latex, of course, riding erratically, he trying to avoid a few pot holes. I needed to go wide to go around him but at the same time, two Town of Bedford trucks, filled with fallen tree limbs, came the other direction, negating my opportunity to move out.

At that minute, the cyclist turned his head around, gave me the finger, I guess because he thought I was too close, and I was close but not close enough to bump him off….Β then he fell. It scared me to death. All I could think about was that I hit him and he’d sue me. I stopped, which on this section of the road is dangerous as hell and impossible to pull off the road because of the low edge. The car behind the two Town of Bedford trucks saw what happened and he stopped too, stopping the traffic coming up the hill from causing an accident.

The cyclist got up, got all up in my face for being so close to him but the guy who stopped….guess what….he’s a NY State Trooper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saved the day. Saved the Day. Saved the day. He told the cyclist what he saw, that I had no choice, that I didn’t cause his fall, and had he not turned around to give me the finger, well, maybe he wouldn’t have fallen. That shut the pie hole of the cyclist fast. Karma is a bitch.

The trooper gave me his card. The cyclist sped off, saying he was fine and telling the trooper he was not hurt.

I can only imagine the scenario had no one stopped, had no one seen what transpired. The cyclist was an ass, the protected class of cyclists who feel I should get killed before coming close to him, trying to share the road. It could have been ugly, really ugly.

I’m about to have a drink. Yes, it’s only 3:30p here, but it’s 5pm somewhere…plus,Β my nerves need a little calming. I admit to being shaken.


27 thoughts on “I came within a CH of needing you guys to start a GoFundMe Bail page!

  1. You are one lucky gal. The cyclists in Greenwich, that Cobra has alluded to before, are just as maniacal. I hate them on the back country roads.
    Did you get the name of the cyclist?

  2. Just your retelling got my heart pounding. You may not have won last week’s lottery but you won today. I’m so glad things turned out the way they did. It’s ever so tempting to run those jackasses right off the road.

    1. You bet I did. You read horror stories of lawsuits and public outing of someone who hits a cyclist. Just to be on the safe side, I did buy two PB tickets for tomorrow night’s $430m drawing! πŸ™‚

  3. With your new easy to remember license plate, you are right that you would have been cell phone outed had you hurt the cyclist or caused his fall. What about the person behind you? Did they get out of the car too?

    1. There was no one behind me for a long time, not when it happened, only after a while when the traffic was stopped. That’s often the case on Cantitoe – either no one or many.

  4. You didn’t call the Bedford Police? I would have. State Trooper or not, he wasn’t on duty (at least your description made it sound like he was in a civilian car and garb) so if the cyclist did come back and report that he was hurt and it was your fault, the trooper telling him off would be of no use.

    1. Good question and maybe I should have called the Bedford Police. At the moment, I trusted my gut that what the trooper did and said was sufficient. Yes, the trooper was off duty but his badge was shiny and real. I don’t know the law, but I have to assume a trooper is a trooper is a trooper, off duty or on.

    1. It was like a slo-motion movie. I could see I had no room to move – the other side of Cantitoe, the side the two large Town of Bedford trucks were on, has a very deep gully/ravine. You can’t go off there without serious damage to the car. I knew the trucks couldn’t veer so that left me with the only choice – to stay in my lane and hope for the best.

      I felt very lucky indeed no one was hurt.

      1. You are better off not knowing. It’s pretty crass but for some unknown reason, it gets used in our household as a means of measurement.

  5. The trooper was Dudley Do Right and you were Nell. He did save the day. I know that road. Lucky it didn’t happen at the crest of the hill, where 121 turns left. You couldn’t have stopped there because coming up and over is blind. Have two drinks.

    1. I think more people than not have dash cams. I can’t see the point for me, other than what woulda happened had Trooper Do Right not saved the day. THEN I mighta wished I had a dash cam.

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