Liberals are dumb as rocks and Alyssa Milano is no exception. Alyssa is a serious Trump Hater, more correctly, she’s a hater of all things conservative, all things sane but this tweet, well, it’s almost funny it’s so stupid.

She claims she was in a Christmas Store in Little Italy and all the elves were doing a Sieg Heil salute. She goes on to say she RAN out of the store with her children. Right. And by the way, she didn’t take any photos. Perhaps she was that scared???? And oddly, no one else on the planet in NYC, in Little Italy, saw this and also took photos. Liar liar pants on fire to get attention. The sick twisted mind of a liberal Trump Hater….

Perhaps this is what she saw….Nazi’s, all of them!


Or this…..Hitler!

Christmas Elf With A Big Smile Waving

Or this…Hitler’s wife?


Or this…a gang of Nazi’s?


When someone’s mind is so full of anger, directed at one person or party, it becomes an obsession. Alyssa has gone off the deep end, her obsession has reached a tipping point of being deranged. But then again, I guess they don’t called it Trump Derangement Syndrome for nothing.

The depth of her hate is what scares me. Her hate goes to her core, so deluded that Trump is a racist, a whatever, that no truth or fact could ever get her to. What a total waste of energy. She’s like the other serious haters – Rosie, Chelsea Handler, Samantha Bee…just think what good they could do in the world if they had positive thoughts, if they were helpful instead of hurtful. I’ll never understand this kind of person.

But sure Alyssa, the elves were Nazi saluting you. You go with that. Then she ends her tweet with #FireBannon. Ha ha. What an idiot.

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  1. Your comments are correct. The Trump hate is a sickness that liberals can’t get rid of – they love hating him and the more hate they show or talk about, the more of a hate high they get.

    1. The Charlottesville events have me totally confused. I don’t know who’s on first, I don’t know who the good guys or bad guys are, I don’t know who is lying – the media demanded Trump call out the KKK on day one but Obama embraced the BLM violence. I don’t get it. Not at all. I only know that Jim Acosta got called out as Fake News again today. Love that.

      What’s your take?

      1. I guess my initial reply got lost in the ether or in your spam filter. Anyway, the whole thing really smells to me – including the McAullife and Signer handwringing.

  2. This rally came out of nowhere for me. I am an avid lurker at
    and there was nothing about it except some photos the day before the rally. The only person I recognized, that was scheduled to speak, was Baked Alaska (evidently some former BuzzFeed person). I understood the ostensible reason for the rally was to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, but, I never did any research on it. Supposedly there’s another ‘rally’ in Boston on the 19th. Don’t know if it’s this same group or another like it.
    It seems like the left is bound and determined to negate the election, by any means possible:

    1. Yes. But my laptop is off and the WP app makes it impossible to add a pic to a comment. I will do it tomorrow morning.

      Here: Cake got finished with more icing on the sides and gummy worms for decoration.

      1. No. Alyssa was Tony Danza’s daughter on the show Who’s the Boss. She was also in a show called Charmed where, ironically, she was a witch!!!

        1. Heh. Hadn’t heard that. That’s the thing about haters- they often have huge issues in their own life but to elevate themselves, they publicly hate others. It’s a real sickness.

    1. Cobra, that’s one of the best articles I’ve read. Thanks so much.

      What’s sadly right is no lib (and many Never Trump R’s) will ever be satisfied with Trump. The saddest but truest line of the article is The truth is, they don’t give a damn about the death Heather Heyer.

      To the point of the article, few of the MSM is reporting that NK walked away from bombing Guam. They don’t report it because they KNOW full well Trump used his might to scare the shit out of NK. There’s finally a man at the WH.

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