Well, This is Strange!

I’m reading the WSJ, an article on vintage record covers…..(NB: for those of you without a WSJ subscription, you probably can’t read the article because of the WSJ paywall but I’ll link it for those of you who can read it).

And  look at the comments….whoa, what is this? A woman, another Cynthia, but not me, calling herself EOS?????

I sat stunned. I’m not sure what her EOS tag is supposed to mean – I see nothing related to it in the article, like her EOS being an acronym for something else.

I don’t like it, one bit.

14 thoughts on “Well, This is Strange!

  1. I googled it myself and I think she’s making reference to some way of recording the records. There are several threads about an ‘ETC EOS family’. I don’t know what that means, just telling you I don’t think she’s impersonating you only a remarkable coincidence she’s also a Cynthia.

  2. hmmmm…. troubling fur sure, but, what bothers me most is her tone.
    sampled that BBQ music and, sad to say, Peter Barclay may have been something of a damp squib.
    to get those ribs rockin’ , you need at least this:

    1. We’re BBQ ribs ourselves today…a good time to blast that Peter Barclay loud enough for the whole street to hear the dumb loud hollow twang! 🙂

  3. I clicked her comment profile and she’s signed several, but not all, of her comments EOS, some lowercase, eos. Not sure what she means but it is troubling, as if she’s impersonating you.

    1. No thanks. It’s too much of a political hotbed to touch. The level of hate from both sides is hard to comprehend. I kept the TV off today too, sure Chuck Todd would tell his audience that the violence in C’ville is all Trump supporters – that seems to be the left mantra. Of course, the left makes no bones about supporting the violence Antifa causes…..

    1. You think? I wondered that but I didn’t see any correlation between the comment and why she’d need to mention her camera.

      I Googled the name. The most famous Cynthia Holloway is a voice-over narrator and sometime actor. Not a photographer.

  4. Not a professional photog but someone who likes to take lots of photos and identifies with her camera, kind of like you, no? (Life through my lens…).

    From reading her comments profile I’m pretty sure she’s in Texas. How about this one – she works a side job as a promoter for a band (maybe someone who would be interested in album covers?) and lives in Dallas:


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