Aaah, a Look Back to a simpler Time….

…..When you could bake a cake For Boys and For Girls and not have the world hate you!


We’re baking a non-birthday cake today, a For No Reason cake, for the three girl grandchildren, all of whom love ribbons and bows and tutus and pink and sparkles and dresses and pretty shoes and, well, all things girls are made of! Love it love it love it.

In a very old birthday cake cookbook I have, that has no visible print date, I found these options for Cakes For Girls….

The Sewing Machine.

The Sewing Kit (I’m sensing a theme)….

And a Stove….

In the chapter For Boys, these….

The Pirate, aaargh,

The Race Car….

And my favorite, The Wigwam….P1070856

Complete with warring scalp-em Injuns….this IS what boys are made of and what shame PC culture has forced them to abandon such things. I mean, if you subscribe to WSJ, the photo of the “man” at a spa, with salami on his eyes, well, that says so much, and not in a good way.

This is the book that has the chapters for boys and girls, says Australian Women’s Weekly so I have NO idea how I got it.

I have these old books too…all good.

So which one are we making????? Stay tuned, it’s in the oven…..

Ta da…….we chose a cake from the Children’s parties book, the very simple Happy Face emoji. Of course, when the book was published, the word emoji didn’t exist.


With only one tub of frosting, the sides of the cake are not frosted, but goodly glops of neon frosting are in the middle and top, where it matters!

2 thoughts on “Aaah, a Look Back to a simpler Time….

  1. Sugar and spice,
    And everything nice,
    That’s what little girls are made of.

    Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails,
    That’s what little boys are made of.

    We dote on our grandchildren too – the boys get trucks and toy soldiers, the girls get dolls and pink dresses. I can’t imagine having it any other way and I’m glad there’s no one to tell me to treat them as gender-neutral. I refuse.

  2. My granddaughters are treated with seriously frustrating gender neutrality. It drives me crazy because I’m not allowed to buy them ‘girl’ things. They are given toys that their parents think are appropriate (not ever to include a Barbie doll or a Cinderella costume at Halloween). This all comes from my daughter-in-law. My son remembers being raised with guns and GI Joe and trucks. I’m not sure how he can agree with letting his daughters be raised as neutral. They are beautiful happy girls so a discussion of their raising is off limits. My granddaughters wouldn’t know what a sewing machine or sewing kit is!

    Can’t wait to see what you bake.

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