Read the Book. Skip the Movie.

I made a rookie movie mistake. I saw the movie Dunkirk, thought to myself, whoa, I know very little about the Battle at Dunkirk, came home and searched for the definitive book on the battle, read the book and realized the movie was nothing more than Hollywood fluff.


From the book’s Foreword:

To the British, Dunkirk symbolizes a generosity of spirit, a willingness to sacrifice for the common good. To Americans, it has come to mean Mrs. Miniver, little ships, The Snow Goose, escape by sea. To the French, it suggests bitter defeat; to the Germans, opportunity forever lost.

There’s an element of truth in all those images, but they fail to go to the heart of the matter. It is customary to look at Dunkirk as a series of days. Actually, it should be regarded as a series of crises. Each crisis was solved, only to be replaced by another, with the pattern repeated again and again. It was the collective refusal of men to be discouraged by this relentless sequence that is important.

Seen in this light, Dunkirk remains, above all, a stirring reminder of man’s ability to rise above the occasion, to improvise, to overcome obstacles. It is, in short, a lasting monument to the unquenchable resilience f the human spirit.

Fast forward to today, President Trump tweets about North Korea…

And the men and women pansy brigade get their panties in a bunch. Here’s who the liberal elite embrace and put on a pedestal….Chelsea Manning in Vogue!!!


And the unhinged…..oh my….what crazy crazy liberal women there are.


Back to the original topic of this post (sorry for all the segues), the book about Dunkirk is superb and if you are a history buff, do order it. It took a long time to arrive from Amazon because it’s so old a book, I guess the book is printed on demand.

Happy Friday. Another gorgeous day in my neighborhood. Won’t you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor?! πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Read the Book. Skip the Movie.

  1. The movie was atrocious and anyone with actual knowledge of the battles would walk out of the theater. The movie didn’t mention the word Hitler. PC crap, nothing more.

    Thanks for the book recommendation.

  2. I came as close to walking out on this movie as I ever have, and my tolerance level for junk history is high if it tells a good story. Thinking that this bloodless version would be a reasonable return to balance in that Dept after Pvt. Ryan, I was disappointed. What it lacked in blood, it over-compensated for in explosive percussions and flying body parts. My father was a battlefield evacuation surgeon starting in Belgium on through to Buchenwald, so I take the grim reality of war and its human costs seriously. But this was cinematic fluff that did real harm to the history of the epoch. Thank you for including this topic.

    1. I’m glad I’m not alone in my assessment. I saw several people leave the theater half way through the movie so your point of view seems popular. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Don’t get me started on Chelsea Handler. I don’t know enough #^^€**%%??^^%€%#%~< to describe how much I detest her Hate America schtick.

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