Degree of Difficulty: Ten

While my dentist appointment was a breeze, nothing the matter that they could find, my second appointment of the day was with an orthopedic surgeon with regard to my bum left shoulder. That wasn’t quite as breezy.

I’ve told you all before that after I had rotator cuff surgery back almost a decade ago, I did not, like the very very bad bad girl I am, complete enough PT, leaving my left arm with limited mobility.

Fig 158 U2630612 cemented high platform
Not my shoulder but close enough to what I have

I’ve gone through PT since to no avail so I thought it time to discuss other options. Seems my cuff replacement has moved and a bone has attached itself to the new ball, making it impossible, no matter how much PT I have, for me to raise my hand over my head again.

UNLESS….drum roll please…..I have what the doctor called a Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement.

I gasped in horror at the thought and left, so angry at myself. This is all my own dumb fault and I feel like banging my head against the wall to shake out some brain cells. It’s complicated by some arthritis in the shoulder, surely from not moving it enough.

With something this major, I’m going to get at least three, maybe four opinions. Ugh ugh ugh.

The good news of the day is no one yet has won either the PB or MM and I bought two tickets for each. C’mon baby, c’mon.

I left the house this morning with the temps outside cool and the breezes lovely. came back home to the house sweltering hot and zero breeze. Back to the a/c humming. ConEdision is happy.

14 thoughts on “Degree of Difficulty: Ten

  1. This doesn’t sound right at all. What does the doctor who performed the original surgery say? The new cuff moved because of your lack of moving the arm or was the surgery done wrong? I’d want to know that first before getting other opinions. If the first guy did it wrong, find another doctor for sure.

    1. I couldn’t get a quick appointment with the Greenwich doctor (the world is on vacation in August) so I opted for a doctor in Westchester first. It was a good idea I think so when I see the doctor in Greenwich who did the surgery I can talk to him about what another doctor thinks. Make sense?

  2. Find a doc at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NY who specializes in such things, as do they. Do not let amateurs in Westchester or Greenwich treat or operate on you when you have best in class nearby.

    1. I plan to do that but first I need a few opinions. Plus, it sometimes takes months to get an appointment with a doc at the HofSS . The doc in Greenwich tho is top class, operating on many professional athletes.

  3. See an orthopedic surgeon whose specialty is rotator cuffs for your next opinion. PT is hard work. Do you really want to put yourself through that again if the gain is being able to more easily reach the roasting pan on the top shelf of the pantry once a year? If you really can’t function on a daily basis, that’s another story.
    The Yankee in me says if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but your shoulder IS broke. Only you can weigh the options once you know what they are.
    So long as you can lift a dark n’ stormyto your lips, you’re probably ok.

    1. Swanton, I’ve had this discussion many times with myself and the family. The majority agree with you, if it ain’t broke that badly, don’t fix it. I, on the other hand, would like to play golf and tennis, and think I should at least see all my options before making a final decision to do something or nothing. It’s not black and white.


    HSS is now in Stamford at Chelsea Pier site and they will soon have a full floor at the new Stamford Hospital for surgery. Check into that. As Riverside DW said HSS is the best. Daughter had 3 knee surgeries with Dr. Beth Shubin Stein, (who used to have appointments here in Greenwich). Worth the trip to NYC.

    1. I’ve heard so many good things about the Stamford Hospital. I have a good friend who went under the knife there and sang their praises.

      I don’t mind going into the city for an appointment.

  5. If you have pain everyday all day long, go for the procedure , it’s like replacing a shock absorber in a car.
    Simple procedure, with two month recovery.
    2 months out your long life is relative.

  6. I had a similar problem, used Dr. Lawrence Gulotta from HSS who has offices in Westchester. You can consult with him in White Plains but the his surgery is done in the city. He’s excellent. He specializes in rotator cuffs!

  7. slightly off topic, but I hope you all don’t mind me asking, since we are on the subject of orthopedics, can anyone recommend a really good ankle surgeon. My husband is probably going to need an ankle replacement , I know one guy who had it done very successfully at HSS, but that dr does not take insurance…..

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