Au Revoir…..à la prochaine

Bateau dans la marina de New York. Photo by Cos Harbour.

Okay, boat lovers. Is this a sloop a yawl, or neither? Single-masted means something, but this landlubber doesn’t know enough to report. Whatever she is, she sure looks très magnifique. I can hear Christoper Cross’s song in my head already….

As for me, I’m sailing off to the dentist for a regular cleaning but I also have a strange ache in my jaw. Ugh. I have the best teeth on the planet – I haven’t had a cavity or dental problem since I was probably 12 so this makes me fret. I have zero tolerance to pain. ZERO.

Happy Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Au Revoir…..à la prochaine

  1. Have you forgotten your Beach Boys song, Sloop John B? That’s how I remember the sloop has one mast. Beautiful boat. Does Cos know anything about the boat or was he merely there at the right time to take the photo? What Marina in NYC? Must be Brooklyn side to see that angle of the Statue of Liberty.

    So hoist up the John B’s sail
    See how the main sail sets
    Call for the Captain ashore
    Let me go home, let me go home

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