That time a neighbor brings you veggies from her garden and you say, Gee, Thanks?

Tomatoes with worms and a zucchini so giant I wondered at first if it was a watermelon.

I know I should be pleased that I am the recipient of nature’s bounty from a fabulous neighbor, but honestly, what could I possibly do with The Million Pound Zucchini? Trash man comes today, that’s one idea.

I adore zucchini and I buy and cook it often, sauteed with onions, sometimes adding tomatoes, but from my garden experience, the best zucchini are the baby ones.

I refuse to make zucchini bread (God didn’t intend bread to include zucchini, ever. It was his 11th Commandment, trust me on this) and I don’t own a spiralizer so making zucchini “pasta” is out.

If I had a trebuchet, flinging the giant veggie would be tons of fun. Exploding it would be also cool.

I suppose I could cut it all up and freeze it, using it come winter for soups. Nah, that’s way too much trouble.

Got thoughts on what I should do with the zucchini?

20 thoughts on “That time a neighbor brings you veggies from her garden and you say, Gee, Thanks?

    1. I love veggie gardening and I love fresh veggies and I am always thrilled to be the recipient of such bounty, but this time I pondered why I was getting tomatoes with worm holes and what I consider to be an inedible zucchini.

      Thanks for stopping by KK, and commenting. Always appreciated. PS: Love your yellow and white stripe espadrille avatar.

  1. My daughter-in-law owns and loves her veggie spiralizer and she makes veggie pasta all the time. I’ve seen ads for one on TV but I’m at the age where I am getting rid of appliances, not adding them. The Bullet one seems to do quite a lot. Whole Foods and even Stop &Shop now sell pre-packaged veggie spirals. Try it with that huge zucchini, for the sake of blog experimentation.

    1. I’ve seen those spiralizer ads and the Veggie Bullet ones too. I’m with you, at a stage in my life when I m giving away appliances that sit and collect dust. I fear a spiralizer would be used for the novelty, then put on a back shelf. The reviews are good for most spiralizers though – I can see the merits.

      1. That comment above was from me. How it called me Anon is a mystery.

        BTW, thinking of you while here in the Outer Banks. The beaches are gorgeous but the houses, no way I see you living here. Side by side with inches to spare in between, behemoths rented out to huge families and packs of college kids. The only time I think OBX would be livable (for you) would be off season.

        1. Anon moniker is a mystery. The site defaults to Anonymous if you enter zero information but to get Anon, I thought one had to type Anon. Who knows, but thanks for clarifying it was you. It sounded like you Jane, what with the d-i-l comment and getting older….

          Re OBX, so many others have said the same thing – that some stretches of the beach are a zoo in the summer and you never know from week to week who your neighbors night be. Take pix and email them to me.

  2. It’s almost as troublesome as spiralizing (I have one, its gathering dust now that you can buy spirialized veggies), but you could shred it, salt and squeeze the moisture out and sautee until brown and crispy, and make into a frittata with goat cheese or Boursin. I just read a blog about a restaurant in Oregon that roasted a large zucchini, scooping out and serving the insides.

    Glad you’re back, and your break was restful! We have been mostly cut off (phone, internet, tv) on the western coast of Denmark. It was pretty nice, I’m trying to get my husband to commit to screen free sunda

    1. I AM GOING TO DO THAT, roast it. Perfect solution.

      Dreamy to be on the west coast of Denmark. Stay unplugged and enjoy. Thanks for chiming in.

    1. Not unless you want to see a photo of my trash. It was an epic fail. As good as the recipe sounded, it didn’t work for my zucchini. It tasted bitter, more like a burn ed eggplant than a zucchini. We had corn on the cob instead! 🙂

    1. I volunteered as head of a food pantry for years – there are two here – one in Mount Kisco and one in Katonah. But the Food Bank, at least in my day, was a giant warehouse where all the grocery stores and Walmarts etc would send their leftovers. We at the small food pantries could avail ourselves from the Food Bank if our shelves were low. My recollection is the regional food bank was in like Ossining, a hoof from here.

      I LOVE your idea of sneaking it into the grocery store. I so wish I had thought of that. I’d probably be caught and arrested. I can see it now. Bedford Women and Giant Zucchini…

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