Remember When Dave was Funny?

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I kinda do, in his early days he had some great sketches and stunts, but he lost his funny when he got angry at the world, the world where he was always wronged, where he felt HE should have gotten the Tonight Show, and the world where TV hosts feel it’s funny to mock a sitting president.

Well, seems Ego Dave can’t stay away from his chance to Dump on Trump, like all the other late-night hosts.

Netflix just announced the latest addition to its roster of originals: a long-form talk show from David Letterman. The six-episode series, which doesn’t yet have a name, will feature Letterman having lengthy conversations with people he admires. He’ll also leave the studio and do some real-world reporting, according to Netflix.

Hmmmm, people he admires. I bet his first guests will be Chelsea Handler and Kathy Griffin.

I can’t imagine ANY situation in which I’d watch Dave carry on a lengthy conversation with anyone. Count me out. Real world reporting, bwah ha ha ha….

In other real world news, today is International Cat Day and one outlet reports that women think men who own cats are “nicer”. Okay, but we all know what “nicer” means, don’t we?


Happy Tuesday and thanks for the breather. Life came at us and it required something beyond blogging to solve!

9 thoughts on “Remember When Dave was Funny?

  1. Welcome back. You were missed.

    I never thought Dave was funny. Dave thought he was funny, that’s about it. I wonder if his wife thought Dave was funny sleeping with his assistant? I’m glad I don’t do Netflix.

  2. Hello from Jackson Hole Wyoming, here for a wedding. Isn’t this where Catherine lives? It’s beautiful here, my first visit ever. I can see why Catherine left New York.

    Ditto to Betty’s sentiment – glad you are back up and writing.

    1. Hello Peter in Wyoming. Total bummer we lost Catherine to the great west but now that you are there, you can see why she left NY and why she opted out of being a blog commenter. JH is truly magnificent. Enjoy.

    1. Dave’s house is in North Salem. Paul, the orchestra leader, is a Bedford resident, quite the regular guy, living on a regular street, his kids went to public school and he’s out and about all the time, lending a hand. I didn’t read if Dave’s new show includes an orchestra. I wondered what on earth Paul would do post-Letterman. Aren’t too many calls for TV band leaders these days. I mean, what’s Doc Severinson doing today?

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