Attack of the Killer Butterflies


Minding my own p’s and q’s, weeding in and around the huge Rose of Sharon and Butterfly Bushes, out of nowhere, a swarm of butterflies came right at my head. No kidding. It was straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

I wasn’t wearing perfume although directly previous to gardening, I did an aerobic workout that might have given my body an odor the butterflies found threatening? Anyone had this happen to them? Are the butterflies nesting/mating this time of year?

I had to bat them off with my hand and I went running like the girl I am. I’ll take the attack as a hint that the butterflies like the weeds growing tall!

19 thoughts on “Attack of the Killer Butterflies

  1. Yes, they attack. They are drawn to sweat so your aerobic workout provided the perfect scent for target.

  2. I have seen more Monarch Butterflies in the past 2 weeks this year than I have in all of last Fall. It seems a little early to be seeing them. I’m just happy that there are more.!

    1. I JUST read that, saw someone’s tweet. I remember watching (and liking) his weekly variety TV show, in the days when variety TV shows were king on TV. Long gone, just like sweet old Glen. I admit to owning an album or two of his.

      1. Glen was 81. I didn’t realize he was that old. His music was classic soothing melodic, like the old James Taylor, before John Kerry interventions.

      2. I don’t follow new country music enough to respond to this tweet but I thought it was a good question.

        1. Got me. I listened to a ton of country music while in the road trip but truth be told, I didn’t know one artist from another. At the risk of offending every country music fan, they all sound alike to me. 😬

        2. So much to say about that amazing clip.
          1. I’m sad I’ve never heard of Mark Knopfler. My loss, obviously.
          2. I’ve always loved Chet Atkins.
          3. Such a look at a simpler time in music when the artistry prevailed and audiences could sit and listen to such talent without a ten piece backup band and a thousand video effects on stage.

        3. You are right, it was not on my radar. I certainly have heard of Dire Straits and remember 1985 very well, but just not the two together. Amazing that YT video has over 3million hits, some comments calling it the best opening riff ever.

    2. That was a very touching video.
      So glad EOS is back so Caelestis can post these cool things. Thanks!

    3. Welcome back. I’m in North Carolina, here on a second try after the first one was x’ld when the power went out.

      I got teary eyed over the Glen Campbell video. What a tribute.

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