Time To Take A……


Not that I don’t love taking you along on everything I do, but I’m going to put down the laptop and phone for a bit – life is calling and I need to be more present. Thanks for understanding.

Happy August 1.

16 thoughts on “Time To Take A……

  1. I’m taking a break from computers too. I was invited to the Outer Banks last week and the day I was to leave my hosts called to say the power was out all over the islands and to stay home. I’m ready for some kind of road trip but not sure I can handle all the driving alone.

    Enjoy the much deserved break. Get your toes in the sand.

  2. Understood. We’ve got family weddings this summer so we too will be off the grid more than usual. Enjoy.

    1. You could drawn just about any line from West Coast to East Coast, and it would be colored the same.

  3. don’t be gone too long please. i click your blog first thing every day. i’m not strong enough for you to take a break.

  4. . Time to stay put and smell the roses. We all care a lot for you as you
    Care for all of us. Sometimes we just need a re-set and time for balance. Let Go And Let God.
    xx oo

  5. There must be something in the blogger’s water. Three of my favorite blogs are taking a blog break. Enjoy the respite.

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