The problem is, the list isn’t only three long!


Forbes tweeted out this morning THEIR list of the three worst airports in the US, leading to tons of responses of readers suggestions as to the worst…

…..Miami came up more often than not. Yes, that IS true.


My worst list starts with Newark and darn, when United made EWR its hub, I now try and find other airlines to travel. Getting to Newark from Bedford is (a) a pain and (b) a total pain, not to mention the long lines and congestion there.

I don’t mind JFK at all, never had a problem, not once. Atlanta is a zoo, they get low marks from me. I do LOVE Chicago’s O’hare, ORD, one of my favorites, maybe because I’ve been there so many times, waiting for flights to elsewhere.

Perhaps the better approach to this thread is to share our favorite airports.

Mine start with Burbank and Asheville. Quad Cities, MLI, love love love it. John Wayne Airport, SNA, loved, although Mr. EOS’s luggage was lost there. Santa Barbara airport, love love love.

I was the most afraid flying out of the Siem Reap “International” Airport in Cambodia. Landing over beach-goers in St. Maartin, always a riot. Landing in Saba, lord, that was not easy.


I love the new Denver airport and am old enough to remember when Denver’s airport was called Stapleton, out in Arvada (or was it Aurora?). Vail is pretty but the crosswinds can be scary landing.

Let’s play Name That Airport, good or bad. I’m being lazy blogger today to get you to do the work – it’s WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY to beautiful outside to be in doing heaving blog lifting. OK?

Have a fabulous Monday.



9 thoughts on “The problem is, the list isn’t only three long!

  1. Miami is a hot mess, to coin one of your phrases. I like West Palm and Tampa. Don’t like your Westchester airport at all. Flew into Omaha on business a while back – it was clean and easy to maneuver.

    OT: Wondering if Earth Image and Riverside Dog Walker are worried about storm Emily. We Floridians have had a lot of rain lately.

    1. Was finishing a comment and the power went out. More a statement on antiquated Florida Power and Light 1960’s era technology on our island rather than the storm. I think EI is in Bolivia and missed it. His area was hit harder than Sarasota but we still got lots of rain and some pretty strong gusts. Had to bring in light things from the lanai (what a patio or outdoor living room is called here). Storm seems to have moved on through.

      Good airports? I’ll vote Sarasota ‘s SRQ. A pleasure to use. 15 minutes from downtown and very low key. Nonstop to places like LGA,JFK,EWR,ORD, a couple of Canadian cities. Good connecting service through Atlanta and Charlotte. Tampa is also a good option though getting there has gotten harder as more people and more traffic have appeared.

        1. Glad to know your new abode was not in harms way with storm Emily. EI emailed me to say he’s heading back to Florida this week to make sure his home there is still standing.

          May Emily be the worst of the storms your Florida life sees.

          I’ve heard others brag about Sarasota airport. To have a small airport tht also has connections, rare.

    1. I’ve been to Lugano 25 times+ but never flew in. I think I might have preferred dying on that landing strip than in the San Gotthard* tunnel we took to get there. Those tunnels are hell on earth.

      *Not sure that’s the right tunnel but one of them you have to go through from the Canton Vaud to Lugano.

  2. Don’t like HPN at all either. Far too many cancellations and delays; for the flights I take to California, I need to be at LGA or JFK to get to LAX nonstop.

    I once had a white knuckle flight into Aspen during a huge storm and the plane literally swooped and did a side jag. Everyone gasped.

    1. I landed in Denver once with the sideways plane, all of us wondering if the pilot would find the runway. It was scary. Once of the worst flights I had was out from the old Denver airport, Stapleton, on Continental to San Francisco. The whole plane SHOOK at take off, all the pillow blankets and things from the overhead fell out (in the days when the overheads did not have doors). I thought I was a goner.

      Make me third who doesn’t like HPN. I suppose it’s great if you have your own plane or charter a private plane to ski or the Caribbean, but for schmucks like me, taking a 6am flight to Atlanta, sitting in a way overcrowded waiting room, no thanks. Those who commute to Florida love all the JB flights out. That I get.

  3. EI is back via CBB->VVI->MIA->TPA to a very wet Gulf Coast.

    Miami was far better than expected, a far cry from even last year, when I did MIA -> JFK.

    Travel tip. Get the new Automated Passport Control App (APC) on your phone.

    You check yourself into the country on your phone. I downloaded the App when the plane touched down. By the time I left the gate, I was already cleared through Customs. The ICE interview, which I usually dread (Q- Why do you have coca tea bags in the toes of your shoes? A: Coca leaf is a good anti-fungus treatment?), consisted of a diligent agent checking to see that my passport photo looked like me, and then the usual “Welcome Home.”

    Tampa airport is calling itself the nation’s best. It might be.

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