I Guess General Kelly Means Business. And Not Monkey Business.

The Mooch, Gone in ten days…….new record for the shortest term of a WH Communications Directer.

Photo from WSJ

The funnest comment I heard with regard to this firing is Scaramucci didn’t even make it to the new SNL season.

I thought The Mooch was too much of a blowhard, his ego got in the way of Trump’s, if that’s possible.

If General Kelly proves his value, another dozen or so will get canned this week. #DrainTheSwamp!

6 thoughts on “I Guess General Kelly Means Business. And Not Monkey Business.

  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders took questions today re The Mooch being out. After she said twice that the president didn’t like Anthony’s public comments and thought they were inappropriate for the title he held, another reporter asked why Scaramucci was fired, SHS calmly said “I don’t know how I could make myself any more clear. ” Bam.

      1. Keep that one kid away from your mom’s iPad – otherwise the texting capabilities may be revealed…
        Not gonna lie, I’ll miss the Mooch. He scared the shit out of everyone that interviewed him and you could see the visible relief at the end of the segment when they had escaped mostly unscathed from having a new orifice, compliments of Anthony.

        1. He coulda been a contenda had he kept his ego in check. Alas, I didn’t see he was capable of reigning in his personality to be professional. Too bad because you are right, he took reporters to task.

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