Waiting Waiting Waiting for the iPhone 8


My poor little iPhone 5, getting so old it is constantly trying to refresh, that awful dotted circle of death…..plus, it tells me all the time Unable to Sync, sync to what I don’t know, maybe my iPad, but it happens when I don’t have my iPad on.

I often get a red exclamation point on the Message icon first thing when I turn the phone on.

The phone is slow as molasses….all signs pointing to it trying to tell me something, like GO BUY A NEW PHONE!

Alas, I’m not going to buy a 7 when the 8 is on its way. The WSJ estimates one model of the new 10th anniversary iPhone will cost $1400. I balk at the 7 costing $700!
C|NET wrote a piece on the preview of the phone and what it might have on it.  

As did MacRumors, from whence this rendering photo came.

Meanwhile, back at the old folks home, my 5 is failing me. Yes, I update the iOS, I think I’m at the 10.3.3 version now, I’ve dumped most of my photos up into the Cloud, but it’s like Dawg, slow to wake up, not as anxious to go for walks, sleeps a lot and is ready to have Hillary or Debbie Wasserman Schultz smash the hard drive.

So I wait for the Apple release announcement, thinking all the time – it’s like ANY new generation of something – phone or car – maybe I should wait ’til iteration two, because you KNOW with the iPhone there’ll be an 8a or 8.2 phone three months after the 8 comes out, rendering the 8 no longer the cool phone on the block. I want to be cool, albeit for the first time ever!

Anyone else waiting and waiting? Question: do I have to put myself in queue now to pre-order?

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  1. I, too, am harnessed to a creaky old iPhone 5. When the iPhone 8 or X (or whatever Apple chooses to call it) is introduced, I’m in, regardless of price. My rationale for paying such ransom is that I tend to keep my tech devices for several generations (I’m still using my first generation iPad) and thus will amortize the cost of the new iPhone over a few years.

  2. A release date for the iPhone 8 hasn’t been announced; everything is just rumors. I doubt you can pre-order before the announcement.

    As for your iPhone 5, you might try using iTunes to back it up to your computer or the cloud and restore it to its original state. Then load all of your data back onto it from the backup. This sometimes can do wonders, especially for a older machine. It’s easy to do using iTunes. For more details/help check for online documentation.

    If you’re not up for doing it yourself, take it in to an Apple Genius and let him take care of it. He can also check for any other problems including the battery. Just be sure you back it up to your computer or the cloud using iTunes before you take it in, because the process erases all of the data on the iPhone.

    Good luck!

  3. How long has it been since you cleared history and cache on your iPhone? Iperiodically do it on my iPad and it usually results in faster speed. I use my iPad Pro far more than I use my iPhone 6s which I’m not planning to upgrade.
    The main reason as I see it to get the new iPhone would be the camera. Whatever it is or does, it is going to be a lot better than the one on the 5.

    1. I am Anal Annie clearing both the phone and laptop. I do it at least once a week, if not more.
      I use my iPad too but I default to my phone.

      I can assure you that no matter how good the camera is in the iPhone 8, my photos will continue to stink. I can not, for the life if me, get the focus right.

  4. My 5s is also dying. Camera quit working last week. The flashlight is spotty. I also get that ! on the message icon. And the case is separating. I too wait for release of the 8, hoping that the price for a 7 will come down.

    1. Are you saying once the 8 comes out you’ll buy the reduced price 7? Not sure I followed.
      So what IS the exclamation point?? Mine goes away fairly quickly.
      I took my case off completely. That’s the other hassle of a 5. All the cool cases are for the 7s. Mine was clunky and ugly.

      1. Yes, I’ll go for the reduced price 7. Not talking about an after market protective case. The actual phone is separating.

        1. I imagine you’ll find a 7 for a great price. I’ll be the sucker who gets the new 8 that is recalled.
          Ouch that the phone is separating. Got duct tape?

          PS: Have fun at Pinehurst. Send pix for a guest golfing blog post!!

  5. iPhone luddite here: I only use my iPhone for a phone and nothing else (except texts, begrudgingly). I got the iPhone SE because it retained the superior design of my iPhone 4 with those stainless steel edges meeting up with the chiseled glass face. I did upgrade to an iPad Pro with the big screen which now allows me to stand around in my pajamas making stupid posts on your blog rather than waiting until I am at my Mac Pro.

    1. We have more in common than you think. I stand around in my pjs creating stupid posts!

      I think I told everyone that I gave mom an iPad Pro with Audible on it. She’s happy as a clam listening to books. The bad daughter I am, I did NOT tell her she could text me. 😬

  6. Sorry you seem to have ignored my idea to restore your iPhone. I think it’s well worth a try as it might give you a nice performance boost at no cost. I don’t know of any other manufacturer that provides a sevice comparable to the free Apple Store Genius. If you don’t want to try the restore procedure yourself, why not visit the Genius? You’ve got nothing to lose and the possibility of a nice perfomance gain.

    I promise l’ll never nudge you about this again.

    1. I didn’t mean to ignore your idea, honestly. I know how to do that. I am my own Apple Genius Bar. The phone works, it’s not THAT awful (allow for blog exaggeration for exciting content!), so I can wait it out a couple of months until the 8 comes out. the occasional freezing and refreshing doesn’t hamper what I use the phone most for – blogging on the WP app, and texting.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. That family, hysterically faux. The daughter was so creepy petting the stuffed animal. I was waiting for a Twilight Zone ending, that they return to being mannequins or that their heads explode. Never heard of the phone.

  7. I swapped (gave to my eldest son) my 5 for a 7+ in February. No regrets so far, I am always a couple years behind on the newest hot device, but I don’t mind.

    I was just thinking of you because my mother-in-laws neighbor’s butterfly bush just bloomed. Not only is it full of butterflies, and dark purple blooms, they are at least 12 feet tall here! I’ll have to snap you a photo (new camera will wow you vs iPhone 5!)

    We ran across a three day Viking life camp for they boys, so they are out in the wilds learning how to wipe with a stick!😂

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