Citroën Maserati SM

As spotted by car junkie CosHarbour….. IMG_4074

He didn’t add any commentary with regard to the year of this car but it was only made from 1970-75 so it must be within that timeframe.

Some websites refer to it only as the Citroën SM and others say Citroën Maserati SM. Is the M in the SM for Maserati? Those in the know, tell me how this car should be correctly named.

Cool cool car no matter what you call it. We used to call Citroën’s The Humper. The parents of one of my high school friends had one, the DS, but still, one whose frame raised and lowered. Why we were so amused by that feature back in the 60s is beyond me but we begged Nancy to take us around town it it, just so we could laugh.

Two videos, one about the car overall, the second more specific to the engine.

Price tags for the Maserati model are all over the place. Hemmings has one in Albuquerque for $99k, although the listing says price negotiable. :-). Cos, any guess what you think the one you photographed is worth??

Who would buy one? I’m in the No category.

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    1. Really, the car raises enough to change a tire? I didn’t know that.

      It was remarkable to me that in provincial Wilmington in the mid 1960s a family owned a Citroen. Wilmington was GM country, thanks to the DuPont Company. Perhaps the uniqueness of the Citroen made me laugh but if you’ve paid attention to this blog over the almost decade of posting, I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I laughed more than I paid attention in class!

      I haven’t seen a Citroen on the road around here ever, especially the wagon you linked to. It would be fun to own, IF you knw a good mechanic to take care of all the problems. Can you even get parts for them anymore? As an aside to that, I understand people with vintage cars are now hiring 3D printers to recreate an old part.

      1. Evidently, especially with the dawn of the internet, servicing, parts, etc. make maintaining a Citroen fairly easy. I’d guess that that since Citroen is still a going concern, they might be a source for parts and whatnot?
        The Citroen DS and SM are definitely unique and the pneumatic suspension is to die for (as CH says below), however for you in Bedford, I’d recommend to the 2CV to kick up the EOS brand into the stratosphere:

        1. ….and great for knocking off a few cyclists at the same time. Love it. Living in Paris and the Swiss Alps, the deux chevaux was ubiquitous.

          PS: are you a fan of Roger Moore as Bond? I’m in the Sean Connery and maybe Pierce Brosnan camp.

        2. Kind of a tough question because they’re all pretty good, but:
          #1 Sean Connery (sentimental favorite and who can’t like Connery in anything?)
          #2 Roger Moore (slightly more posh “British” and I liked him in The Saint)
          #3 Daniel Craig (sort of a blank slate which can only help filling a role made famous by others)
          #4 Pierce Brosnan (still can’t figure out that ‘accent’)
          Just for fun, George Lazenby’s reasons for only doing one film:

  1. Thanks for posting my pic and kudos to Chris for the “The Longest Yard” clip!
    My SM attraction is based on owning a silver one for seven years, back in the day.
    It was the most fantastic road trip car. Very fast and comfortable.
    The white one is parked on Riverside Drive in NYC and is for sale. Don’t know price.

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