Shouldn’t It Have Ten Question Marks?? 

This is real. The cover of HRC’s new book set to be released in September. I figure the book only needs to be one page long, with three words..

The end.

It’ll be hysterical to see how Hillary justifies in her own head why she lost. I don’t believe she’s come out of Denial Mode so I suspect she’ll blame everyone under the sun, which in many ways is true.

First, she should blame the slimy creep Robby Mook, who in my opinion didn’t have a clue about America so he was the blind leading the blind. He and Hillary’s entire campaign team propped her up without ever telling her the truth – that she was a terrible candidate with no message and who was totally unrelateable to real Americans.

This quote from a BBC article in October of 2016…..telling, eh? The ‘Clinton Strategists’ are led by Mook. Talk about out of touch with reality, but I am SURE Hillary was being told this good news over and over and over.

With the media 100% on the side of wanting Hillary to win, she was further encouraged by Fake Numbers and pollsters who were totally wrong.


What Happened to Baby Hillary is a more apt title of the book because Hillary never grew up, she never accepted the notion that she was a bad candidate with no message for the people of America. I do think it’s odd that Hillary never listened to Bill, who actually DID get much right – he kept telling Hillary to campaign in Wisconsin and Michigan but for whatever reason, ego I guess, Hillary was sure she had it made without doing the heavy lifting.

I guess the only question left for this post is: Should I pre-order this book and send it to my sister????? Ha ha.

11 thoughts on “Shouldn’t It Have Ten Question Marks?? 

  1. She’ll make millions because her followers will want to know her deep inner thoughts of what happened. I’ll wait until the book is in remainder and at my thrift shop for 5c, then I’ll buy it, and use it for fireplace kindling.
    I imagine your sister has already pre-ordered the book.

    This tweet is funny.

    1. Funny alternate jacket cover. Now, if the network comedians and SNL were truly still funny, they’d do a parody of this book ASAP. But they won’t.

      I imagine my sister will pre-order the book.

  2. My daughter-in-law will pre-order the book too, she still has an I’m With Her sticker on her car.

    I think your observations about why Hillary lost are spot-on – she surrounded herself with people who were clueless about anything outside DC, outside the hipster world of their Brooklyn HQ. I bet Mook wouldn’t find Wisconsin on a map. Your post the other day with the map of all the counties Trump won versus those Hillary won sticks in my mind as the single biggest teller of why Hillary lost and What Happened. Hillary’s campaign staff consisted of pajama boys and women who wanted to see a woman win.

  3. The memes are in full swing. Each one funnier than the last.

    Before her book tour I will cancel my cable subscription so I don’t have to see her endless self-serving interviews with anchors who are sobbing with her over the loss.

    1. As with all celebrity memoirs, anything of interest will be summarized elsewhere where you can read it for free and without all the excess verbiage of the original.

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