Liberal Heads are Exploding!

Just now, President Trump, in a series of tweets, announced that transgender individuals will not be allowed to serve in the military.

For me personally, I don’t care what you choose to be gender-wise, that’s your decision and not for me to judge, but when you take a person who is transitioning, with all the emotions that surround the choice, and hormones to arrive at the change, I agree 1000000% that those individuals can not counted on to make life or death moves while at war.

The transgenders who have gone public, Caityln Jenner, and others, talk a lot about how difficult a transitioning is, what a toll it takes on the emotions, the family, the friends. Put them in a position of having to take out the enemy in a sniper battle or be on a Destroyer at sea, their comrades have reason to be concerned.

I mean, what if he gets his period that day??????????? OMG!!

Good decision President Trump, good decision. I can’t wait to read the hate-filled tweets from the MSM. I am sure they will give him an earful. You don’t even have to read the ABC tweet to know how they feel. Look at the photo they chose of Trump.

35 thoughts on “Liberal Heads are Exploding!

  1. The hate is coming full steam ahead. I haven’t read one positive comment from any MSM. Of course, their base is identity politics so it’s incumbent on the networks to issue ‘hug a trans today’ tweets.

    Agree with Peter, good move. Also agree with you EOS – I don’t are personally what one chooses to be.

  2. Jake Tapper went on an eleven tweet tirade about Trump’s decision. Worth finding and posting.

    1. i wonder if tapper ever served his country? I doubt it so very hypocritical of him to rip apart trump (and the pentagon) for the decision. tapper is a twit.

  3. I’m on the fence about this. My husband was far more hawkish and if he were alive, would stand up and applaud. Certainly gays serve our country admirably so why can’t transgenders?

    1. Here’s my two cents Jane. Transitioning people suffer from gender dysphoria and with likely comes very deep inner conflicts that need mental health professionals to bring calm to. The military men and women who fight for our country and freedom do not need a man/woman next to them more worried about their transitioning than who is shooting at them. I don’t believe gay men and women serving have many mental health issues associated with their sexual preference choices.

      I may be wrong and if I am it won’t be the first time, or the last.

      1. I’m with Jane on this one. I think Trump opened a can of worms that he’ll regret. The Left hate is strong, you are correct about that, but why now, why did Trump make this decision now? And why at all?

        1. It is perplexing why now. I don’t have a crystal ball into Trump’s head. Maybe he intends to increase troop forces?

          I saw a tweet from a transgender Navy SEAL saying he’d meet face to face with anyone would thinks Trump’s decision has merit.

        2. I’m with Betty and Jane. I see no reason why a transgender, if mentally and physically fit, can’t serve with honor. The problem is that high profile trans nut cases ruin it for “regular trans”.

        3. I see I’m in the minority here. I guess my POV is that it’s hard enough to serve in the military, especially on the front lines, so to add another layer of distress or worry, coming from being trans, seems a bad option.

        4. I look at it this way. A trans person probably has MORE mental fortitude, having to deal with his/her own inner emotions of changing sex. As Anonymous said, if they can pass a mental aptitude test and can withstand the physical stresses, I see no reason they shouldn’t serve.

  4. I served in Vietnam and stand tall with Trump in this decision. Note that the two most “liked” comments in the WSJ article about this are quite in favor of Trump’s ban.

    Art Correa 2 hours ago
    Sensible move. Correct move. The military does not exist for the purpose of making folks feel included. It exists solely to keep shores safe and enemies at bay. Any policy not aimed at that solitary goal dilutes from the focus on that goal.

    John Carter 2 hours ago
    With praise for Pres. Trump’s leadership, our military has always had a very specific and serious mission–the defense, sometimes militant and possibly combative defense of our country. Unity of purpose and strength devoted to this mission are critical.
    It is not a laboratory for exploration of social and psychological variances.

    1. My brother-in-law served in Vietnam too. I’m going to ask him for his two cents today. Thanks for your service and for posting the WSJ comments. If there are any NYT readers out there still, I’d love to see the top comments from their article. I bet they are diametrically opposed.

  5. That young man at the top of your post needs to stop wiping so hard (or use medicated tissues for those sensitive areas). I agree with DJT and agree with you, the military needs physically and mentally fit personnel to serve, period. It wasn’t so long ago that the mentally incapacitated were looking for any excuse NOT to serve.

    1. Lots of people are quoting Klinger today – he’s getting his renewed 15 minutes of fame!

      As for the Psychology Today article, I wonder if either of the authors has a Twitter account to see if they’ve opined on the DJT ban. I might look – in a little bit – I’m outside. It’s stellar today, just stellar. No a/c needed. Iced tea. Tanning. Reading. Life is good.

      1. Enjoy! The eternally butthurt will find something, anything, to knot their knickers, and yet life will go on. I’m only sorry that the media can ignore the whole Debbie Wasserman Schultz/Awan Brothers scandal (let’s see: is a scandal still a scandal if the media doesn’t report it?… hmmmm)

        1. I was telling my mother about the Awan story and she hadn’t heard a peep about it – and my mother has her ear tuned into politics. That says so much – you are right, as usual, tht the media is ignoring this story, bigly. I wonder how DWS will tend to her goldilocks in prison?

  6. Join the Army! The taxpayers will foot the bill for your ‘transition’!
    I’m with you EOS.

    1. Gender Reassignment Surgery: $30,000-Plus
      Hormone Therapy: $1,500/Year
      Facial Feminization Surgery: $25,000-$60,000
      Breast Augmentation: $5,000-$10,00

    1. I’m sure he’s tweeted something prophetic today. What I find amusing that NO liberal has mentioned is transgenders were banned for 7 of eight Obama years and it was only in the ;latter part of his awful admin did he allow them. So now Trump is an ass for banning them? How disingenuous.

      1. As a matter of fact:

    2. Pardon my french but Bradley Chelsea Manning is one motherfu**er. He’s a perfect reason why the military doesn’t want trans. He’s batch** crazy. Read his twitter feed sometime but have a bottle of booze handy to recover from how he hates America and her military might. Every tweet is signed with a rainbow and #WeGotThis. He makes me sick.

  7. Here’s my question: If Obama banned transgenders for 7 of his eight years, how is that now it is reported some 15k members of the military are trans? Did they all enlist at the same time or was there a poll or a raise your hand if you are trans day? How would anyone know how many trans there are in the military?

  8. I can report that the liberal media spin is going full throttle in Scandinavia. Swedes think our president is a raging lunatic, dragging the office through the mud. And they have a completely warped view of most aspects of life in America. For example, most see our healthcare system (which is seriously flawed, imo, but single payer will never work for the us) as turning away those in need and only the rich haven’t access to the best care.

    Our dinner party last night ran all the hot issues: healthcare, abortion, breastfeeding (and lack of alternatives in Sweden), etc. many bottles of wine and differences of opinion, but everyone still remained frinds😊

    1. You read all the time how much the Europeans despise Trump but to have you describe it first hand is rather eye opening. Thanks for the blow by blow account and glad everyone is still fiends. That’s the best kind of conversation – when opinions differ but everyone still listens. Rare anymore.

      I read this morning, speaking of healthcare and single payer, that the British government REFUSES to let the parents of Charlie Gard the right to take their son home to die. I mean, how is that even possible? I don’t ever want to get to that stage in American healthcare and yes, our system has serious flaws, but single payer is akin to communism. It’s a fact that Obama and his fellow Dems created ObamaCare TO fail so that they could institute a single payer plan. No doubt in my mind. Thank heavens that isn’t going to happen.

      1. I thought the British govt was demanding Charlie be taken off life support and thus being left to die against the parents wishes. I believe the parents wanted to bring him to the States for an experimental treatment. Absolutely awful situation!

        1. The parents decided to allow Charlie to die, saying despite being looked at by American doctors and being offered a visa to come to the USA, the chances were slim to none Charlie could have any value in his life, his illness that severe. Once they made that choice, the hospital then refused to let the parents take their son HOME to die.

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