Eleven hours to the minute. The last two hours totally shitty. 78 to 287 to 87 over the TPZ, awful. Even Route 172 in Bedford was bumper to bumper!!! Anyway, glad to be home but honestly, I loved the trip. So much to tell you. 

The winner of the most gorgeous road we traveled: I-68 East. Up and over the West Virginia mountains. 
Bottom line: America is Beautiful. More when I regroup. 

20 thoughts on “Home!!!!!!

    1. The kids were worried too. The oldest called us three times today and when he didn’t hear from us, thought we had an accident. For much of 68E we had no cell service so we never got the calls. He was here when we pulled in, a wreck. Funny when your kids are the worry warts.

        1. Initially yes, but once the rains stopped it was the right decision. Granted the haul home was long but I’ve planned a Trip Overview post in which I’ll go over the highlights and lowlights!

  1. can’t wait for details and photos — welcome home, now start doing your laundry!

  2. Glad you are safely home and thanks for the travelogue. Looking for more.

    Now THAT looks like a dark and stormy. As usual, I am late to the punch bowl, but I recommend Q mixers. I had their ginger beer with Goslings rum. Umm. They also make good tonic water and ginger ale. Made in Brooklyn.

    Having grown up in West Virginia, it is a nice place to drive through, but not to live if you have a brain and are curious about the world. I caught a Trailways bus to NYC when I graduated high school.

    1. I can certainly understand why people leave West Virginia – we saw our fair share of poverty, but I can see why people go there too- the vistas from atop the mountains spectacular.

      We skipped Q in the test because one of the kids said it was too sweet. Considering your good review of it, maybe we should have tried it.

    1. So sweet. Thanks. Having a slow morning sipping coffee, sorting through mail, and making lists for today, none of which includes getting in the car!!.

      1. Good coffee is what I miss the most when traveling as much as I do for work.
        Welcome home.

        1. Hah! Me too. It’s also having so little coffee when traveling. And so little water. Can’t stop every ten minutes to pee!! I may consume an entire carafe of coffee today and five bottles of water!!!

  3. Your travelogue was wonderful. You can see how much pleasure your words and visitations gave us as we rode along with you, those of us who love to travel but can’t, for one reason or another – mine an unwell spouse- had a week’s full of pure joy’

    1. I won’t win any awards for my words – I write like I speak – ebullient, full of grammar errors, off the cuff – a bad case of gabiosis, but with all that, I’m delighted you found joy in the journey …. sending well-wishes to your ailing spouse.

  4. The previous comment was by me (lazy Jane) not by anonymous. Sorry, must have done something ‘wrong.’

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