No snowflakes or pajama boys here! 

Sometimes the best part of a vacation is the unplanned, the spontaneous. That happened to us today in Fort Worth. Our intended destinations were the Modern Art Museum and the Kimbell Museum, both of which we did, but leaving we saw the Will Rogers Equestrian Center has a special event going on, the 2017 Summer Cutting Spctacular, as in cutting horses, the specialized breed for herding cattle. We called the FW Tourism number and they said sure, go on over, free admission, even to New Yorkers!!

Wow. Was it ever amazing. Men and women competing, 2 minutes 30 seconds to prove your horse capable. Not knowing the first thing, I cornered a long tall Texan in a ten gallon hat and scuffed cowboy boots and asked if he’d humor us Yankees and tell us what was happening. Damn if he wasn’t the politest friendliest cow poke I ever did meet. David Allen his name, cutting horse breedin’ his game. He spent a half hour or more telling us all about the breed, what the judges are looking for etc. Funny how you pick a stranger out of a crowd and within seconds you feel like you’ve known him forever. 

The video won’t upload from my phone. Some Protovol Error. Bummer because I got some great video of the competition. 

We knew we were in real cowboy territory (versus NY’s Midnight Cowboy types), chaps and spurs worn well. Just seeing their trucks and trailers, you know these folks are SERIOUS riders, ranchers, and cattlemen. The trucks alone have to cost $100k, right? Then the horse trailers, another $75-100??? Mean money. 

ANYWAY, the day was stupendous. The Modern Art Museum left me speechless with its architectural beauty. Then the installations, even more amazing. I got GOOSEBUMPS at the video installation done by the artist David Aitken, whose art took the entire second floor. I’ll do special posts of that later or another day. 

The funniest part of the day was the car GPS could not compute the trip to Fort Worth.  It kept telling us we were off-road and tried to recalculate recalculate recalculate. We got to FW easily enough without GPS, straight shot pretty much on I-30 W, but the car could not find Darnell Road for the museum. It wanted us to turn left now turn left NOW onto a road that wasn’t there!! Complication, Darnell is closed for construction so we had to use some good old fashioned common sense. When we left the Modern, a couple next to us was laughing that their GPS couldn’t compute from Dallas. Small world.

Going back to Dallas wasn’t a breeze either. We knew where we were heading UNTIL we got to Dallas and then the car wanted to take us on 35N to Denton when I knew we had to find 75N. We never did and had to make a choice quickly or be killed. 35N took us to Mockingbird Lane, but WEST Mockingbird, miles and miles from the hotel and through massive road closures for repaving. Oh well. We’re back now. Feet up.  

Thanks CosH for the Fort Worth tips. It was one of the best days of the whole trip. More photos and videos when I can. 

13 thoughts on “No snowflakes or pajama boys here! 

  1. Love being spontaneous. Good for you to decide to go in. Could they tell you weren’t from Texas?? 😀

    My cousin has seen much of Aitken’s work at MOCA. He’s a uniquely talent artist. Can’t wait to see th photos and videos.

    1. I told Mr. Allen I was a NYer and he asked when we were moving from New York to Texas and I wasn’t sure if he was worried another NYer would move there so I told him no, we weren’t moving and he said “better get out of NY while you still can!” I laughed.

      There is YT video of Aiken’s Song1 installation when it was in DC at the Hirshorn but that was outside. This was inside a dark room with 8 screens surrounded the viewer. Astounding visual and audio experience.

  2. Was shopping in FW many years ago, found a pet mini horse mascot in the shop….with a litter box in the back room! I could not spend enough. Leaving the shop, whoa…bulls driven by cowboys down the Main Street. FW is a gem in America.

    1. Gem. Great word for it. Oxymoron too. Cowboys. Stockyards. Regular folk. And two world famous art museums.
      We saw lots of building. New apartments. A new Tom Thumb supermarket. Spotless. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

  3. Now wait just a dam gum minute missy. Credit where credit it due. CosH said to go to Ft. Worth, I SAID to go to the Art Museums!! (want my claim to fame)

  4. There’s more!

    All very nearby SMU… tour White Rock Lake neighborhood, and eat some Sonny Bryan BBQ.

    Don’t miss out the 1936 State Fair Park and Big Tex!

    Would love to see some pictures of Las Colinas, the Venice of Big D., with canals!

    Mansion at Turtle Creek is also worthwhile for an expensive meal.

    1. Alas, we’re done here. Leaving for Bentonville tomorrow morning. The hotel concierge told us the State Fair park was sketchy area and there have been “incidents”. That was enough to keep us away.
      The rest will have to wait for next trip to the BigD.
      PS: the original Big Tex burned to the ground. What’s there now is a new version.

  5. So Sorry SB.
    You said go to museums. Not moi.
    Nonetheless we got the eos tour to Fort Worth which is a funny place.
    Urban cowboy heaven.

  6. I’d sure enjoy parking that first truck at Whole Foods. That would sure shake up the Range Rover lizards.

  7. A good friend has an over-the-top GMC pickup but his condo won’t let him park it on condo property, so he keeps it at my house and drives here in his MB-AMG (no foolin) when he needs the truck. Think twice before moving to a condo.

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