An easy twelve hour drive, really. Once out of the NJ-PA leg, I-81 South was clear sailing. We hit a couple of rain squalls, but short lived. Lots of FedEx trucks, lots of State Troopers, all the truck weigh stations open, gasoline hovered around $2.00.

Every state we stopped in, I ran in a 7-11 or gasoline convenience mart for one PowerBall and one MegaMillions. The last stop before entering Tennessee was in Greater Downtown Chilhowie, Virginia. Very deep accent, almost West Virginia like to my ear. I am 100% sure the two tickets I bought at the Mobil station there will win me not only the PB, but I’ll be the first person in history to win the MM too.😀

We passed a sign to Mother Hungry State Park! And also saw a sign for Andrew Jackson’s home. Lots of exits like Hollow Road and End of the Gap. Beautiful roads. Beautiful countryside.  

After we checked in the hotel, we took a walk to stretch our legs but oddly, we seemed to be the only ones with that idea. The streets were eerily empty.

We see there’s a trolley that loops the city. I always love doing that. A good way to get bearings in town.

Here are a few shots of downtown Knoxville.

Tomorrow is a full day of playing tourist and I hope to have some info on what photos I posted tonight. Not sure what we photographed. I imagine much is the campus of UT but it was locked up completely. No summer school?

Yawn. Mañana. 

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  1. Tennessee has one of the highest crime and domestic violence rates of all the states. Bibi

    1. I had a chat with two locals last night. Both told me it was perfectly safe to walk at the hour we did with don one around. At most, a homeless person might ask for money.

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