Next Stop….

Bonus: First, name the city then name the dome structure

House sitters moved in this morning, deeeeee-lighted at the offer to get themselves and their children out of the hot dirty city.

Bags packed. Car gassed. Have camera. Will travel.

Not sure how I’ll blog – the usual quandary – blog every night or after a couple of days interval? I think it’ll depend on how tired I am after being in the car all day. I may do some teaser posts with my phone (note, I take terrible phone photos!) then catch up on the laptop when I can.

Take care of the place for me if I’m out of the loop for a couple of days. Thanks!


12 thoughts on “Next Stop….

  1. Looking forward to your wonderful
    Photos! Have a delightful time and please share some favorite eateries or ice cream shops’ thanks

  2. Have fun. Wish you were in a Q7 or Bentley Mulsanne.
    The photo is ‘The Tower of Love’ in Knoxville, built for some world’s faire or other.

      1. I discovered that the tower is also known as the ‘Sunsphere’ – can’t figure out that name at all.
        Maybe the Bentley Betayga makes more sense for your ‘on the go’ lifestyle.

  3. Safe travels, have a great time. Looking forward to you sharing your experiences…

  4. I will also wish safe travels. One thing you might consider while researching escape from NY destinations is heat index. As you probably know, it basically is higher humidity making the air feel hotter than it really is and interfering with the body’s ability to cool itself.

    According to the Weather Channel, in Riverside right now it is 88 with a heat index of 94. Sarasota is 91/101 and in a surprise (at least to me) Wilmington, NC is 92/101. I would think Wilmington, NC would be sufficiently north to escape this, but watching its stats over the last couple of weeks, it seems to regularly exceed the heat index for Sarasota.

    Of course, we here all year types, as they say in these parts learn to adjust, but it is hot out there.

    Keep us posted!

  5. Best wishes for your safe travel.

    Weather report from my arrival in Cochabamba Bolivia Low 39F High 72F Dry and brilliant sun all day. Latitude 17-22′ S Longitude 66-6′ W Elevation 8830 ft.

    Photos to follow. Hanging out on Park Ave at a NY Sports Bar place called Cayenna with decent Wi-fi.

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