I want this!!! 

Seen at Mount Kisco Seafood earlier today.

There are a lot of food trucks but this one is super incredible. It has a Ford emblem on the back and I asked inside what it was to begin life. He said it’s a 1962 Ford something and that’s where I lost him. It began with a G and it sounded to me like he said Grumman or Garmin. You car guys should be able to help me. 

I told them if it disappeared overnight I’d be the guilty party. He laughed and told me to get in line, there were lots of suspects ahead of me!!! 

That wasn’t all that happened at the fish market. The woman next to me was paying and her bill came to $18.60. I said, as I often do to pass the time in line “That was a good year” (meaning the 1860). She paused, grimaced, gave me a dirty look and said, Well, not so great if you were a black slave in the South.

OUCH!! Burn. The woman obviously has no sense of humor. I left quickly with sushi in hand and tail between my legs.

21 thoughts on “I want this!!! 

  1. Grumman. It was like a step van utility van. Does the Big Fish sit in town somewhere?

    Laughed at your 1860 story.

    1. I’ve never seen the Big Fish anywhere until today. My bet is it’s a party truck that you can hire for a gathering or event. There’s a pizza party truck around.

  2. I really support the food truck industry, maybe uber or lift could model a useable means of enabling more entrepreneurs to enter the fast food industry. If you can risk your life in a non-government licensed taxi, you can try an unsanctioned sanwich 🍔🥗🍕🍉🍡🍪

    1. Some of the best food I’ve ever had has been off a food truck. And I mean good real food, not gourmet hoity toity food. Why pay $1000 for a meal at Per Se when you can have a fish taco or pork slider while standing on the sidewalk?

    1. My eyes. My eyes. I can’t even imagine who’d buy that t-shirt.
      Did you read the comments to the tweet? Mark Dice slam dunked the retort. And so many other comments were negative. Love it.
      I detest Samantha Bee, DETEST DETEST DETEST. She has only one thing, hating Trump. I have to mute or change the channel if an ad for her show comes on. Did I mention I DETEST Samantha Bee??

      PS: I just thought of one person who’d buy the shirt. She lives around the corner from me, a huge Hillary supporter and who now has a poster in her yard that says No Hate Allowed in this Home, with the saying in several languages, Arabic included. A heart with red white and blue completes the message. Irony: she HATES Trump and Trump voters. Hmmmmm.

        1. Ha ha ha.

          If you look at the people who do politics as comedy, they all seem a sorry angry lot. David Letterman and George Lopez are two serious contenders for the Biggest Loser. Letterman went on some rant this week about finding some way to unseat Trump.

        2. That’s one of the funnier parody accounts. I could spend all day reading responses to fake Spicer and fake Tillerson tweets who think they are real. Fake Sarah Huckabee Sanders parody account isn’t remotely clever. You need to hijack it and give it some pizzazz.

    1. I haven’t read the whole article since I don’t stoop to read the Times but the paragraphs being tweeted are hysterical. The guy is loony tunes.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Joe Scarborough announced tonight he’s leaving the Republican Party and becoming an Independent. In other news, the sky is blue.

    Joe was as republican as Bernie was a democrat. Joe is such a joke. Good riddance to someone who was a lousy republican to begun with.

  4. I think 1962 Grumman Olson Kurbmaster on Ford Chassis. They buffed out the aluminum nicely.

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