Seeing Red


Yesterday, much was made of a GoPro video of a cyclist getting hit by a passing motorist. The outrage against the motorist was swift and loud, but no one seemed to notice the cyclist was smack dab in the middle of the road???

Here’s the video, in the tweet from ABC.

Note, the tweet says driver faces multiple charges. Hey, the driver was expected to cross the double yellow line, at a bend in the road, jeopardizing himself, when to MY way of thinking, the cyclist should not have been in the middle of the road. This happens all the time around here – cyclists riding two and three abreast in the middle of narrow winding roads. I’m not saying the car should have hit the cyclist, I’m not, but that the cyclist thought it was okay to take up so much of the road to force the vehicles across the road? Insane!

I report. You decide. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Should the cyclist face charges too?

16 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Read the comments in the ABC tweet. Many say this particular road in Tennessee has shared rights for cyclists. It’s not a highway. Even so, the dude on the bicycle is an ass for forcing the cars to pass so wide.

    1. I am seeing the comments just now. Honestly, I don’t care a hoot if the road is legally shared with bicycles. The cyclist had no right to be in the middle. That says to me the cyclist felt HE was more important, making the white truck and the black SUV go across the yellow line.

      1. Kind of like the boater out of Riverside YC I encountered not long ago. Went straight down the middle of the channel totally aware that he was squeezing another boat with limited maneuverability. Apparently he felt the whole narrow channel belonged to him, and would not move his vessel toward the right side of the channel for love nor money. I guess Tennessee and Greenwich have something in common.

  2. You’ve blogged about this phenomenon in Bedford often, the road hogs. They are so dangerous and I can’t understand how there’s not a law for them to stay single breast and to the right, if they don’t have a lane designated for themselves. I read the tweet comments too and I like the one where someone says the SUV driver should have stopped, then run over him going backwards.

    Happy Monday to everyone.

  3. Here in Greenwich, the rude plague of selfish cyclists seems to descend on our roads especially during the Tour de France. Packs of Lance Armstrong wannabes (hopefully minus the performance enhancing drugs) don their spandex and clog our otherwise placid country lanes. Wish I had a cow catcher on the front of my wagon.

    1. Damn! The Google image of a car with a cow catcher I intended to add didn’t make it…instead, what the hell is this?

        1. Excellent! Actually, my intended image of an auto with cowcatcher was buried in the otherwise irrelevant site address I attached to my response. But this may be even better!

    1. That road, the Natchez Trace, is where the incident took place. Interesting that in the “safety” video, most of the cyclists were in the middle of the road, even tho, to my eye, there’s a breakdown lane or mini-bike lane. The narrator of the video didn’t seem to comment on where the cyclist was in the road, only about their visibility, color of their clothing. I do note that in the GoPro incident, the cyclist was in black. Thanks for posting that.

  4. Clearly the camera was on a vehicle that was pushing overtaking traffic across the double yellow line. So why was that camera running in the first place, and by whom?

      1. How could the camera have been on the helmet of the cyclist when the footage shows him down yet you see him going down? I’m with EI, the camera was elsewhere.

        To answer your question EI, lots of people today keep video apps running in their car – a combination of reasons – a submission to America’s Funniest Home Videos and/or showing a police stop etc.

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