Honk if you know this blogger!


I opted to bag my old vanity plate for a new one, and much to my surprise, EOS was available.

I originally thought I’d use EOSREDUX as the plate, and that was available too, but since all of you call me EOS, it seemed perfect for that to be my plate moniker too.

There are a few glitches….

>My car is in Montauk for the next several days, being used by one of the kids whose own car is in the shop, so I can’t even put the new plates ON.

>I haven’t figured out how to explain this plate to my mother and sister, both of whom think I stopped blogging long ago. This could be the largest hurdle.

>I JUST paid $243 in April to renew my old plates and I don’t know yet if that payment is transferable to the new ones – if the payment is car specific or plate specific. I called the NYDMV to ask that very question and I got Joe Jerk, whose snarky attitude was too much to bear. I basically hung up on him.

>I hate hate hate the colors of the new plates – they are nothing like the vintage New York colors, try as they might to replicate that. My current plate is white background. Much prettier.

Otherwise, I’m happy with my choice. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone connects the dots – from my plate to me the blogger. If not, they can assume, perhaps more correctly, that I am The Goddess of the Dawn.

Here I am this morning, watering the flowers in my garden. 🙂

So, if you see this plate while you are out and above, honk or wave…. if you wave, kindly wave with your whole hand, not just one finger! Thanks in advance.

21 thoughts on “Honk if you know this blogger!

  1. Excellent choice EOS. Now come to Florida so I can honk and wave. When does your road trip start?

    1. The road trip is as soon as the car is back and the new plates are on and the old plates returned to the DMV in Carmel. I’ve mapped out a long route. I wavered between taking several short trips, flying both ways, or one long, winding car trip, taking it as it comes. The latter won out. My legs and butt may regret it, but hey, life is too short to mull over such mundane details. I prefer to go and do.

      No Florida though. Sorry.

  2. Awesome, I’ll definitely honk if I see you😊

    Remind me where you’re road tripping to? I’m still waiting for the in depth NC report, as we are likely looking to relocate sooner than our 5 year plan now…and we seriously have no idea where to go. Western, coastal Michigan and NC are in the running, but we basically no nothing of NC outside the research triangle park and I95 corridor. (Hubs still thinks it’s early for Florida, and re prices spiked, so the options are a dreary house on good location for $2M to start….😳)

    1. I’ll post tomorrow on the Road Trip map.

      We’ve tried three times to leave for NC coast. Each time, something comes up. It’s as if God is saying “don’t move there.” I have good friends who are renting on Figure Eight Island off Wilmington NC this summer and they have been my eyes and ears, sending me photos and texts of the houses there I liked, the lay of the land and the profile of the residents. While it doesn’t eliminate my need to see it first hand, when a good friend who you trust is there, it’s very helpful.

      We did the rest of the state tour a couple of years ago and eliminated everywhere we went, not because each town wasn’t gorgeous unto itself, but so much of central and western NC is hard to get to, unless it’s served by an airport, like Asheville or Charlotte, and neither Asheville nor Charlotte appealed to us in terms of living there.

    1. As the movie title says, It’s Complicated, but mostly mom worried about my topics, was uncomfortable about what I was saying, didn’t truly understand the concept of blogging and would often tell me I shouldn’t say this or that. She didn’t mean any harm by her comments – she was a faithful reader and bought more of my EOS calendars than anyone else, but I wanted to get more political and perhaps address topics that she might not like, it was easier to say I stopped.

      As for my sister, that’s harder to address, but long story short, not having her as a reader gave me some leeway to dissing her left political point of view. Nothing more nefarious.

      1. Wish we could “like” comments here like Disqus has. I’d hit Like a thousand times for your selfie.

        1. I searched the WP help link and lo and behold, I can have a Like button on the comments. I’m not sure I’ll keep it beyond today – it’s somewhat embarrassing to have the button there and have no one use it. It’s more user-friendly in the Disqus format when everyone has an ID. Here, it’s lots of Anons etc.

          UPDATE: I left the Comment Like tag on for a few hours and hated it enough to already remove it. Sorry, not sorry.

  3. Seinfeld Assman episode comes to mind when talking vanity plates. New York probably wouldn’t allow that today.

    1. That’s a classic Seinfeld episode. Haven’t seen it in forever. I don’t watch Seinfeld much anymore although when I do, it holds up as funny now as it was then.

      1. Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode is on now where I live. with today’s pc crap, I bet this wouldn’t be allowed today either.

  4. Luv the new plates. Surprised you gave up the old ones. We like to take note of unique or humorous plates we see & take pics of em!

    [Ed. Note: SB emailed me this photo and copy which I’ve added in this comment.]

    Saw this one on our road trip, while near Asheville & the Blue Ridge Parkway. Funny!

  5. Congrats for scoring your new EOS plates.
    Someone I know ordered and received COVFEVE plates from the DMV. I’ll send a pix as soon as I see them!

  6. Now you need to parlay the license plate and blog into having Canon camera sponsor you by giving you an EOS camera to take all your blog post pix.

    1. That’s not a bad idea and wouldn’t be impossible to get if I were truly a photographic blog. Me thinks Canon would object to (a) my political posts and (b) Ginger Beer tasting posts!

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