I lied. So Sue me.



NB: That’s a SECOND bottle of rum – the testers were serious about getting it right! 🙂 Mr. 85 Broad, thanks again for the heads up.

One thing that is perfect about the Fever Tree – the bottle is just the right size, hence their tag line if 3/4 of your drink is a mixer, make sure to use the best.

Nothing is worse than opening a tonic bottle, or any other mixer for that matter, and using only half. The Fever Tree contents fits neatly into one glass. Although I don’t drink my dark & Stormy’s neat. (ba-dum-dum).


10 thoughts on “I lied. So Sue me.

    1. Reasonable question Peter.
      My answer:
      1. Because there’s lots of Fever Tree left to consume
      2. We ran out of Maine Root and I can only get it at Whole Foods. One trip there in 2017 might have been my limit.

  1. Why let the second half of the mixer bottle go flat or unused when the obvious solution is to have the second drink?

    1. I’m a cheap date and traditionally a one drink gal. Mr. EOS is a two or three drink man. so on a night when he has three, that leaves a half bottle leftover but it doesn’t last long. He’s a gin and tonic guy all summer.

  2. My first reaction to your post based on the lead: She’s got the formula all wrong.

    Even I left half the bottle behind on the home bar. Then I saw your text. Oh, second bottle. Same answer.

    P F Chang’s at the Tampa Airport Gate A has a wonderful home-brew ginger beer. I almost had to order a Gosling’s Dark to go with it.

    Regarding your earlier post containing the lie itself, my own past puts Southern Comfort in that never-again category. Thanks — Princeton Weekend, 1965.

    PS. I’ll be checking your garbage tonight to count empties.

  3. One question. How was the Gosling’s Ginger Beer? I’ve never had a dark and stormy but you are making me thirsty. I am inclined to go with Gosling’s Rum and Gosling’s Ginger Beer, since I can get both easily and I’m a simple sort.

    1. Goslings was just okay. It didn’t stand out as having any depth of ginger flavor. That said, until I went on the tasting journey, Goslings ginger beer was our default. I had nothing to compare it to until last week. Now that my taste buds woke up to what an exceptional Ginger beer is, Goslings will only do if nothing else is available.

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