I learned a New Word today, courtesy of #CNNBlackmail: Doxxing

Hard to think anything can be learned from watching CNN or reading their tweets, but overnight CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and Brian Stelter taught me one thing: the word Doxxing.

Dox, verb, informal
gerund or present participle: doxxing
search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.
“hackers and online vigilantes routinely dox both public and private figures”

I pretty much figured out the word by using common sense but I’d never seen the word used over and over in tweets.

If you don’t know the story, CNN has decided unearthing, threatening, and forcing a Reddit user to apologize -the man who is supposed to be the designer of the WWE gif Trump used to take down CNN. It has taken the internet by storm, relatedly causing the hashtag #CNNBlackmail to trend to number one (that is until Twitter didn’t like that and forced an auto-correct for some to make it #CNNBackmail. Funny how scary Twitter hate is.

CNN’s morning anchors, including dumbass Chris Cuomo, seem fine with the doxxing and threatening.

“When exposed & identified he then decided to apologize”

See that, WHEN EXPOSED AND IDENTIFIED????!!!! Holy craziness, Batman. Where do we live?? CNN certainly hunted the man down, made him apologize (the apology itself is so scripted, there’s no way anyone would make an apology so perfectly in tune with what CNN wanted to hear unless CNN wrote the apology FOR him.

No matter how you feel about Trump, no matter how you feel about CNN, it’s true Nazi tactics to go after someone who created a fun graphic and that Trump tweeted.

In my way of thinking, CNN is digging themselves into total oblivion. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of losers.


27 thoughts on “I learned a New Word today, courtesy of #CNNBlackmail: Doxxing

  1. First I’m hearing of this. Saying goodbye to kids this morning and was unplugged all weekend. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. I didn’t know about this until about 5:15 this morning myself either. I was gloriously and delightfully unplugged all weekend myself too.

    1. That was the early morning word. Kfile is now insisting he’s a middle aged man. I ask you – how do they know all that had they not hunted him down? I hope the Reddit dude gets a good lawyer.

  2. Kaczynski conveeeeeeeniently changed his story when the heat was on.

    CNN needs to go out of business.

    1. Cobra! Winner winner winner. Love this. I hope whoever created it doesn’t also get the threats from CNN.

      Thanks for posting that. Made my day great again.

  3. I can’t take credit for finding this video, but it’s perfect for the CNN story and how they got the Reddit guy to apologize.

  4. To put this thread into a California perspective, my liberal son and his liberal wife feel CNN is in the right to out the man who created the meme. Their take is that the man is proven to be racist and bigoted. I keep my mouth shut, smile, and wonder where I went wrong as his mother. His late father and I are both conservatives.

    1. My condolences Jane! 🙂

      My mother is having similar agita, wondering how her older daughter went from a Romney voting moderate R to a rabid Trump hater. At least my mother has one good daughter.

  5. Buzzfeed is now saying CNN outed the wrong guy. The whole story smells to high end.

    Happy belated Fourth and thanks for all the ginger beer testing and Fourth photos. Hubby and I went on a two week vacation (vacation = without kids!). The kids were at camp.

    1. Are you kidding? CNN made the wrong guy apologize? How can that even be?
      UPDATE: I’m not believing this version yet.

      PS: Congrats on the vacation. I remember those kinds of time away from the kids. It’s really important and glad you were able to carve time out with husband.

  6. I am not gonna believe a Reddit user named HansAssholeSolo rolled over and apologized at the first side-eye glance.

    1. I think I’d like that clip but how do I view it without the thousand balloons and viewers comments obliterating the screen and Scott’s face? Do I have to install the app?

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