Fourth of July Weekend Open Thread


While we gather with family and friends (and what looks like some serious thunder storms too), I’m going to step away from the computer and my phone. I know so many of you are also with family and friends so it’s a good time to take a break.

The thread is open if you want to chat or add a comment, no matter the topic. I’ll check in from time to time, to see how far things have devolved…

Meanwhile, the Fever Tree is due today and we’re geared up with hamburgers, hot dogs, cherry pie, chicken, steaks…. and rum!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend.

7 thoughts on “Fourth of July Weekend Open Thread

  1. We’ve got the kids arriving today for the long weekend with some of their friends in tow. Same plan here, BBQ and being with family.

  2. I love the Fourth of July. Might even say it’s my favorite holiday. Wonderful memories. Cookouts on the beach. Parades with local bands and kids on bicycles decorated with crepe paper. Three legged races on the golf course. The Pops. Flags proudly waving. And, fireworks. I love fireworks.
    Nobody gets dressed up and nobody cares. Everybody likes the simple but delicious menu. You can identify and pronounce all items on it. Nothing too fancy about this day.
    May all EOS readers enjoy a great holiday weekend.

  3. Happy 4th from Lake Tahoe. Son/daughter-in-law rented a beautiful cabin for all of us on the lake for three weeks and we are having a wonderful time. It’s my first time here and I hope to come back often.

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