There is no greater annoyance than something beeping in the house when no amount of sleuthing determines said beep.

I checked the security system – no faults were indicated on the panel so it wasn’t a door alarm with a low battery. That was eliminated early.

Neither the refrigerator or freezer door was left ajar.

It wasn’t the CO2 detectors because those are hardwired.

I checked the security camera system that’s housed in the pantry – the beep seemed to be coming from that base yet everything there is hardwired but the beep was louder near it. It was as if I was playing the game Hot-Cold, and closer to the security camera base, the more I was saying Warmer Warmer Warmer. I unplugged the entire security camera system and something still beeped.

I looked in the furnace room. Nope, nothing there beeping. I looked up. Nothing.

Then, I wondered if there was something on the shelves in the tool section of the pantry – I found old old thermostats. Nope.

Then, there it was, a plastic bag with two old smoke detectors, hidden way behind a box of  nails, fallen behind other good stuff on those shelves.


Damn if it wasn’t beeping. Beep beep beep. Found!!!!!!!!!!!!! Battery out. House is quiet once again. Aaaah.


It’s a gorgeous gorgeous Monday. I was invited to see Wonder Woman at 11:30 but I can’t in good faith be inside on such a perfect day. I’m going to head over to Mianus Gorge for a good long walk and commune with nature.

Update on the cats. They seem to be permanently gone. No black and white dad. No tabby mom. No kittens.

Update on the ginger beer: I took caelestis’s suggestion and ordered Fever Tree from Amazon. Due tomorrow. Buying Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum is on my list today too.

Happy Monday………….

5 thoughts on “Beep…….Beep……………Beep…………

  1. Great! Now, I don’t have to be the guinea pig. It will be interesting to see how it stacks up to the others.

    Your smoke detector story reminded me of this Nest fail from a couple of years ago. I wonder if Brad’s career advancement at Google suffered since Google owns Nest…

    1. I remember that Nest video!!!!!! It’s too painful for my delicate ears to listen to even 10 seconds of the screeching sound.
      I was reminded of two TV shows related to a beeping. Friends, where Phoebe throws a beeping smoke alarm down the apartment trash shoot and a fireman brings it back to her and the Modern Family episode where Phil can’t find the beep. It’s a universal nuisance!

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