All I know in Life I’ve Learned from My Blog Readers

This included………..Thanks Mr. 85 Broad Street! I didn’t know this existed!


I bought the rum at my default liquor store in Mount Kisco. They also had Goslings Dark Rum 151 Proof but I didn’t want my taste testers needing a visit to the emergency room. Regular proof is good enough.

I had a long chat with the guy behind the counter, telling him how many places I had to go to find brands of ginger beer. I asked why they only carried Goslings. His answer, which I am calling the talking out of his ass response:

We only carry Goslings Ginger Beer because it has alcohol in it. 

Huh, really? I ddidn’t think that was the case, but I smiled, paid my bill, said thank you and DASHED home to Google Does Goslings Ginger Beer have alcohol in it?

Google says:

In order to make ginger beer, you would need sugar, lemon juice, ginger, water and ginger beer plant. … In today’s world, ginger beer is often thought of as being a non-alcoholic drink but Gosling’s and Crabbie’s are two very popular alcoholic ginger beer brands with alcohol percentages around 5%.

I’m also calling Google WRONG. The can of Goslings I have specifically says Non-Alcoholic soda!

The Fever Tree arrives tomorrow but we might save the whole hog tasting until the weekend. I’m running to Madison CT tomorrow to meet up with friends and the rest of the week is also pretty busy.

12 thoughts on “All I know in Life I’ve Learned from My Blog Readers

  1. Haven’t been to the liquor store yet, but I bought Fever Tree tonic there last time, which I recommend for top shelf G&T’s. I am doing my part to keep you (and your readers) ahead of the curve.

  2. Was actually going to recommend the Black Seal rum but assumed you knew of it and didn’t use it for one reason or another. Makes a delicious, and as important, very dramatically colored D&S (until you mix it).

  3. Deceived. Deceived about the ginger beer. It’s a con-spy-ruck-kee, hasta be!!
    Pray tell what is a Fever Tree? Hoping it doesn’t induce fever.

    1. By all means. next time, add more. All anons are welcome. I don’t ask any information of my readers, just ask for some civility, although I don’t practice what I preach! Oops.

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