Hey, Which one of you put a near-empty bottle of rum back in the liquor closet??

That’s a no-no.

Ready to start the Dark ‘n Stormy + Ginger Beer testing, I reached into the liquor closet and was shocked, I tell you I was shocked, to find only one bottle of rum and that one and only bottle is on fumes.


I keep a pretty full liquor cabinet – always the basics – gin, vodka, whiskys of several varieties, rum, PIMMS, tequila, wines, some liqueurs – and when something reaches a quarter, I put a full bottle behind it, always sure there’s a back-up.

So, I ask again. Which one of you came here and cleaned me out of rum?? I don’t want to name names, but I have some pretty good ideas.

Fortunately, there was enough Mount Gay to make two light, very light, Dark ‘n Stormy’s, to test with Maine Root. We came inside just in time – the sky opened and it’s pouring.

Feet up. Let the testing begin. I guess after this one, I’ll have to switch liquor and try a Moscow Mule + Ginger Beer test because I DO have plenty of vodka. A certain long-ago memory of switching liquor mid-stream didn’t end well. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Hey, Which one of you put a near-empty bottle of rum back in the liquor closet??

    1. Ya know, the first to protest is usually the guilty party. I may have to call a grand jury or convene a Congressional hearing. Sic Trey Gowdy on you.

        1. That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo true. Moms (and dads) always know whose pants are on fire. The hard part is when the kids grow up and catch a parent in a whit lie! Oops.

  1. It was the little kid in your avatar. *NOW* you’re shocked because she’s too young –not even 14 yet!– to be drinking.
    Great post; you wrote about booze in a way that is ethological, I love it. –Robert

    1. Robert, thanks so much for stopping by. Always fun to have a new reader and commenter. Yes, that little kid, I was probably 4, and grew up to be quite the wiseacre. I think my parents knew it then, seeing the wild smile I had on my face using the drums…..T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

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