The EOS Great Ginger Beer Taste Test

The tasting was without any alcohol, without lemon or lime. Simply the ginger beer, on ice. Four taste testers who made comments.

In order of Best to Least Best….

Maine Root, The Winner.
Wow wow wow!!!!!! An EXPLOSION of ginger. Deep rich depth of flavor. Wonderfully effervescent.

A close Second Place, Regatta
Sparkly, deeply ginger but not overpowering, effervescently good.

Third Place, Bundaberg
Light and clean, refreshing but not all that gingery, but still very good. 

Note: We tried this brand twice because first go-round we did not see the fine print on the front of the bottle to invert bottle before opening. It didn’t seem to make a difference.

The next two tied for fourth and fifth, Goslings and Barritts. Both  were clean tasting.

Goslings seemed more citrusy than gingery. Like a lemon-lime soda. The flavor was less concentrated.

Barritts was clean but indistinguishable, very little ginger depth. Bland.

The final three, places Six Seven and Eight.

Saranac, Stoli, and Bottoms Up, Bottoms Up very deserving of its name, and not in a  good way. 😦

Saranac was bland, had NO real ginger flavor. More like ginger ale than ginger beer. No sparkle. Not vibrant.

Stoli – the only way to describe this is oily. I know that’s odd to say, but it felt slick, almost as if it had a waxy component to it. It was odd going down, little ginger flavor, except an aftertaste.

Last place, Bottoms Up. Undrinkable. Tasted like nothing. No ginger flavor.

Tomorrow, or Monday, depending on how tomorrow goes, we’ll try them all with rum and or vodka, a Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy.

Mr. EOS reminded me that when we were in London and aboard the Queen Mary 2, the hotel and ship used Fever Tree brand ginger beer, which from all the reviews I’ve read elsewhere, tops even Maine Root. I can’t find it anywhere in the USA and I think they only sell to the trade.

That’s it so far. Part Two with alcohol to come.

16 thoughts on “The EOS Great Ginger Beer Taste Test

  1. Thanks for taking on this for us. I’m a Goslings fan so I was disappointed it didn’t rank very high. Where did you find Maine Root?

    1. Goslings wasn’t bad, it was just far less zingy gingery peppery than the others. I guess it’s also personal preference too – I liked the ones that were strong. It’ll be interesting to see if once mixed with alcohol, I’ll still like the strong ones.

  2. Did you use anything between tastings to cleanse your palate?

    Our yacht club uses Barritts and members seem happy with it.

    1. Wheat thins and Ritz crackers, plus a full glass of water to make sure there was no residual taste from one brand to the other.

      Like I said to Ann above, it’s all personal preference. Barritts was not bad, just not my favorite.

    1. No kidding? I didn’t see that. How ON EARTH does one ship carbonated beverage by Amazon. Half the boxes I get from Amazon look like an elephant walked on them then the UPS truck rolled over them. I’m not sure I’d trust bottles of ginger beer coming that way. Would you? You do it first, open them very carefully, then review it for us.

        1. Funny gif! We were at an airport not too long ago and some guy was transporting large metal canisters of soda on a dolly. One fell off, then another, with a loud bang bang. Fortunately nothing exploded.

  3. I’ll try Maine Root soon. Haven’t seen Regatta in cans, only bottles. Have seen Fever Tree around here, but never tried it. There are a couple of places near me which may carry it and I’ll check tomorrow.
    Thanks for your excellent research on a very important subject.

    1. Funny you should mention the Regatta in cans. In searching for brands I only saw Regatta in bottles too but the only store around me that carried it had one six pack in small cans. I would have asked the guy behind the counter if he also carried the bottles but he was all consumed on the phone with his boss saying “the store is slammin’ busy dude”. He was on the phone a long time while three of us waited in line. Grrr.

  4. Interesting, thank you. Dark and stormy’ are one of my favorite drinks. In your researching, did you find the differenc between ginger ale and ginger beer? I will often mix with ginger kombucha, which has a little extra tang (I know, Whole Foods whacko! I try to make everything I consume have *some* benefit. The kombucha adds probiotics. ) and I also like Trader Joe’s Tripple Ginger Brew, which is very strong and gingery. Extra lime too!

    1. One day Martha, you will have to add me to your homeschool classroom. I’m woefully undereducated in things like kombucha. It’s something I’ve never tried and even if I bought it, wouldn’t know what to do with it!

      Thanks for the heads up about Trader Joe’s ginger brew. The word “brew” is used on a few brands as compared to ginger beer. I have not determined if it’s semantics or an actual difference.

      I have not compared ginger ales. I tend to buy Canada Dry or Schweppes.

    1. I didn’t open it. It was a “one of” bottle that was brought to the tasting event by others. There wasn’t enough of it to share and test.

  5. Finally, news we can use.

    Our local (Clearwater FL) liquor discount store, Leukens, carries Fever Tree products.

    I had a Gosling’s Dark and Stormy last night to participate in spirit.

    1. Great. Go buy the Fever Tree and test it for us.

      There MUST be somewhere around me that carries Fever Tree but FT’s website gives me no way to search. Stupid.

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