The Lost Weekend?

I’m not planning on going the full Ray Milland, I’ll temper my taste testing, but I’m armed with Ginger Beer and ready to go.

I even took one for the team – the six pack of Saranac fell over and one bottle broke in the back of my car, so I now have the essence of ginger beer in my car – no pine tree scent for me!

It took about a dozen phone calls and five stores, two in CT and three in NY to gather the brands of ginger beer I did – others that were on my list just aren’t available easily enough to make it worth my while to traipse more. I love you all, but….

There was one brand I saw that I didn’t buy, Q. I was told to eliminate it right off the bat – too sweet.

So here’s the list. I have eight limes, vodka, and dark rum so we’ll make a few Moscow Mules and a few Dark & Stormy’s.

  1. Gosling
  2. Barritt’s
  3. Bundaberg
  4. Bottoms Up
  5. Maine Root
  6. Stoli
  7. Saranac
  8. Regatta
  9. Belvoir Farms




If you see my typing degenerate into $^^))((*IHGYFECYLB:NM, text me and tell me to stop the madness.

I haven’t decided how to report on each brand – wait til I’ve tested them all then report, or would you prefer one at a time?

It’s about to pour so it’s a good weekend to be inside, no driving. Happy Friday all around. I bet mine will be happier than yours! 🙂


16 thoughts on “The Lost Weekend?

    1. Parker
      Fever Tree (which got high reviews elsewhere)

      The one I was most anxious to try is called Fentiman’s (botanically brewed, whatever that means!) It’s 99.999% sold in England, Ireland. The three places on the east coast are NJ, MI and NC. Looks the most complex of flavors and maybe next time i’m in NC, I’ll pop into Asheville and try it.

      1. Fentimans sodas are available lots of places,. I found it years back in Woodstock, VT. I don’t care for their ginger beer at all. If you try one, you’ll know what they mean by botanical.

  1. Drink some of each ginger beer w/o booze first. Why waste good rum or vodka on a GB you don’t like?

  2. When you find the one you like most, see how it works in a dark ‘n stormy. I like Gosling’s to drink by itself but prefer Regatta with rum.

    1. I’ve never tried any GB without alcohol. I love ginger ALE and ROOT beer so it seems logical I’ll like ginger beer by itself.

  3. It’s about to pour alright, with you doing all the taste testing!!
    We’ve been hitting the Prosecco at our house. Movers came today to pack up the college grad who is off to their first job, apartment, and new town all on the corporate dime in ATL!! whoo hooo!

    1. Please don’t tell me your daughter has already graduated! I swear it was yesterday when we talked about her heading out! Congratulations to her, and to you!! Time to move to Florida now??

    1. They’ve gone missing. I don’t know if they’ve been captured and eaten or just moved to a better neighborhood. Would hawks eat kittens? I ask because I’ve seen several red tail hawks swooping in and out my gardens.

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