It’s all making sense now

Meet Daddy-O, the cool cat. 

This afternoon while working at my desk, I swore I heard kittens mewing. I got up and looked but didn’t didn’t see anything until I walked out and around the bank of boxwoods and saw Mom and three kittens dash under the bushes. 

It’s a mixed marriage. Mom is a tabby and the kittens are a blend. Coincidently, when I went running errands today, I saw a larger tabby dart into a neighbor’s yard. I didn’t think too much of it until I heard all the mewing later. 

Now I think I’m obligated to put out water or milk and call a cat rescue. There are so many coyote around, these kittens might not have much chance. 

Dad was a no-show today. Sue the bastard for support! 

14 thoughts on “It’s all making sense now

    1. I’ve made a call this morning. The problem is finding the mom, dad, and kittens to rescue them. They aren’t in the bushes this morning. My lawn guys are here, mowing and weed whacking etc. I ran out here to tell them to be on the lookout for the kittens. I might have to catch them one at a time myself and box them until they can be taken away.

      1. I think the rescue org can set traps for the cats, hopefully check them often too
        I think Dawg is at work here

    1. Thanks Kristin.

      Your comment didn’t go through right away because I have WordPress configured such that more than two links throws it into a holding pattern until I approve.

  1. If you try to grab one of those kittens make sure you’re wearing the thickest leather gloves you can find. They may look cute and cuddly, but feral kittens fight like tigers and can make mincemeat out of your hand in about five seconds. Also, feeding them just perpetuates the viscous cycle. Once you start, where does it end? Next thing you know you’ll have a colony. Humane society/animal control types are the way to go. Let them worry about catching the critters.

    1. I am prepared with gloves but I can’t find the cats today. I was told the same advice about the cat rescue, that they also might carry disease being feral. I think there IS a colony as I have been seeing stray cats now for a couple of months. Its like someone dumped a few cats off in the backwoods and they are multiplying.

      1. They may have been around for some time but avoided your property because of the dog. Anyway, it’s not something you want try to solve on your own. A widow in my neighborhood fed a colony for years until she passed away. I think they may have given her a sense of company and purpose in life.

        Call in the pros: it’s their business to know how to best deal with situations like this.

        Good luck!

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