Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha Ha ha. Breathe. Ha ha ha ha!


California Pajama Boy Ossoff lost his bid for the 6th District in Georgia and CNN was in mourning. They could NOT find a good spin for the loss. This morning, both CNN and MSNBC are in full denial mode, saying Handel didn’t run on Trump, distanced herself from him, the R agenda is stalled…OH MY GOD, do Democrats not GET Republicans??? CNN pulled away from Handel’s victory speech when the crowd started chanting TRUMP TRUMP! CNN can’t Handel the truth! Ba-dum-dum.

Even more interesting, Handel is the first Republican WOMAN from Georgia yet I am still waiting for any Democrat/liberal woman to congratulate her and Lean In. I think I could wait until the cows come home…what a bunch of hypocrites.

Nothing else to report. I’m on the last day of the the shingles medication – what’s odd is that because I was never in any pain to begin with, the medication hasn’t really changed a thing. I still feel a little tingling in my bum, but that could be from underwear wedges! (did she really just day that?)

Happy Hump Day………

10 thoughts on “Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha Ha ha. Breathe. Ha ha ha ha!

  1. Here’s a lib doofus who thinks the loss is cause for celebration.

  2. I watched Morning Joe today to get my winning heart tingling. The whole panel (except a remarkably sane Harold Ford said the Dems better get off the hate bandwagon and on to finding a message), sloughed off the Ossoff loss.

    Joe has rounded the bend to being a full-fledged Dem, citing a study that Handel’s win wasn’t by a big enough margin for the Rs to be excited. Mika was plain old glum.

    1. I switched between CNN and Morning Joe for the same reason. To gloat about WINNING! CNN’s hosts spent about two minutes on the election loss then went straight back to their bread and butter, Russia.

      Agree about Harold Ford. I heard his comment and thought that was remarkably lucid. Asshat Mike Barnicle was not as forward-thinking. He’s a real hater.

    1. It’s in a holding pattern. I’m ready – we found $218 RT airline tickets to DFW from LGA, and decided why drive when there’s that deal, but my mother has been “funny” lately about me traveling. I’m not sure what it is, but she’s needing me more than usual, and I don’t mean that in a complaining way, she leans on me a lot and I’m happy to be her muse, but for whatever reason, she’s worried for me being gone. I can’t put my finger on the cause yet but no matter how many times I speak with her in a day, she always asks “when are you leaving” and “how long will you be gone this time”. It’s unsettling.

      1. That’s a sweet tale. My mother got similarly worried as she got older so I spent more time with her because of it. I think they realize their own mortality.

        1. I think that’s part of it Betty. The women whose funeral I went to in Delaware leaves my mom just about the last woman standing of her old friends. There is one other woman, a couple of years younger, with whom my mom is close, but she’s confined to a wheelchair and doesn’t have much lucidity.

          Happily, Mom’s great-grandchildren are visiting her this week. My sister will be there tomorrow for the day and I’ll probably wend down there again soon.

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