Tuesday Quiz

Guess who this is….
Ken Doll Makeover

And who is this?
Ken Doll Makeover

This dude. Who?
Ken Doll Makeover

Finally, surfer guy…who is he??
Ken Doll Makeover

Hint: All of them have the same name. Go, your time starts now.

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Quiz

    1. That Looks like Stepford Wife Barbie in the photo.

      It’s such a sad commentary that toy companies feel they need to make dolls look like “real people”….. not that any of Ken’s iterations here resemble anyone I know.

      Asking for a fiend – is there a Burqa Barbie yet?

    1. Beta Male what a perfect term. And gee, thanks for the link to the blog Patriot Retort. That’s right up my funny-bone alley. ANY blog that received the Diogenes Middle Finger Snark Hall of Fame gets my readership!

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