Not Quite this bad….

Tree Damage, Hurricane Sandy 2012

…but after yesterday’s storms, there are lots of downed limbs in Bedford, making my drive into town and back go from doing it with my eyes closed to needing MapQuest and a passport.

The dumb thing is that there are no Road Closed signs until it’s too late, until you are almost upon the downed limb, meaning a u-turn on a narrow road (not my strongsuit) and mapping out Plan B.

I got no notifications on my phone that local roads were closed so I found it odd that so many were. Isn’t that the WHOLE point of a notification app???

Had I known travels today were going to be so complicated, I would have left the house prepared for the entire day. I did not. So, I’m back to regroup, be thankful I took down the dead trees before they fell down, and have another cup of coffee.

At least the sun is shining. last night the sky at one point was the color of a cantaloupe. Quite stunning.

Happy Tooooosday.


4 thoughts on “Not Quite this bad….

    1. Ha! I have been called a blowhard. No one calls me Cindy much although when I was in Delaware for a funeral recently, with lifelong friends, more often than not I was called Cindy. I went to Cynthia sometime in my 20s.

      1. I was Chip growing up, a chip off the old block as I am Junior. In college I went to Pete then professionally I decided to be Peter. My wife calls me Pete, my oldest friends still call me Chip.

        1. I bet most of us our age have changed our name somehow. I grew up with several who have. My kids use their formal name professionally.

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