Not only is it Monday but it’s national Martini Day!


Me, I’m not a martini fan. Too strong for me, the first one under the table after one drink!

The great martini debate is Gin or Vodka and since I drink dark booze primarily, I can’t answer the question. I only know for me, if I do have a martini, it’s olives and not onions. Never onions.

What say you all? Go, make the best of today. Martini or not.

18 thoughts on “Not only is it Monday but it’s national Martini Day!

  1. Put me in for a Beefeater Gibson or two (Rocks – 3 onions -In summer switch to Gilbey’s).

    At least that’s how my Dad trained me up. To use his own words, he always knew how many peas were on his knife.

    1. Ha. I should have but Obama outed the twin girl announcement last week. Bey’s dad announced it again but no official word from the Queen herself.

  2. Well, I was going to have a gin (Hendrick’s) & tonic but I’ll change that to a gimlet (straight up) instead. It’s my go to drink & the lime will prevent my getting scurvy.

    1. Bottoms up.

      I’m on a Dark and Stormy routine until the ginger beer runs out. Which reminds me, I should do a ginger beer comparison test. They are NOT all the same.

      1. Ginger beers are hard to find if you aren’t in Manhattan or other major cities. I prefer Maine Root Ginger Beer that my wife finds at Whole Food, sometimes. My brother-in-law swears only by Barritt (sp?) GB but I’ve never seen it in any store.

        I look forward to the comparison.

        1. Barritt’s Ginger Beer can be bought in Greenwich – Bruce Park Liquors usually carries it. Might want to call ahead.

      2. Oh, I love a dark n stormy. Today, my favorite ginger beer is Regatta. Could change tomorrow.Goslings, Bundergerg and Barrett’s are okay. I do not like Trader Joe’s or Reed’s. Had to try a lot of dark n stories to find an agreeable ginger beer. The rum is always Gosling’s Black Seal. And, I like a squirt of fresh lime juice in it.

        1. Regatta is on my list of ginger beers to buy and compare. The hard part is going to ten places to find all the GB I want to compare. Anyone know if the Port Chester Beer warehouse carries ginger beer or are they only carry beer? I’m going to try them and a few beverage places here in Bedford Hills. My liquor store only sells Gosling.

    1. Who got the short straw to be Designated Driver? Or is there Uber??
      Funny you should mention smoked drinks. I just tripped across an article about doing that. Another new idea to me.

  3. Hearing the weather alert on TV, it sounds like you are right under the red map of severe thunderstorms.

    1. I took it down. It’s like this- you think you have a decent idea for a blog post, you gather the photos and links, you click Publish….then read it and see it was Meh, at best. Blogging is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you get the one with the sour cherry in it, so you spit it out!

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