I’d even consider moving to Long Island if I could make this my exit


Sagtikos Parkway, Brentwood residents win the internet.

Of course, some lib called the NYDOT to complain and it got “fixed” back to Crooked Hill. Darn. I’d like to shake the hands of the people who did this. Very clever.

8 thoughts on “I’d even consider moving to Long Island if I could make this my exit

    1. Ya know no one ever sees them in and around these parts. They don’t go out to dinner or to the movies. She only seems to walk in the woods often.
      She’ll never live down her loss and she’ll forever be called Crooked Hillary, thanks to Trump. Love it!

        1. I’m usually not a conspiracy theory person but I gotta say there’s no doubt in my mind the Clinton’s “know people who know people who get things done”. I wouldn’t want to be on their bad list.

        1. I imagine by now or next week she’ll be in the Hamptons for the summer. Unless there was truth to the house purchase in Watch Hill. I only know one person who summers in Watch Hill (other than my BFF Taylor Swift) and he just retired and is moving full time to Arizona. I don’t know a soul in the Hamptons who can be my spy. Darn. I’m not in The Life of The Rich and Famous Elites circle.

          Now, as for DWS, she’s a crook. A criminal. A lowlife Dem operative whose sole goal was to install the Queen on her throne expecting a fancy nod title in return. If she isn’t indicted somehow, then the world has gone to hell. If it hasn’t already.

          The linked article re DWS- it’s the first one I’ve ever seen that tells the reader how long it will take to read said article. 12 minutes. If I take longer, then what? Don’t answer that.

        2. in response to your not-a-conspiracy theorist, neither am I, but, I’ve got to think that there is something to the Clinton/Bush/CIA Mena Airport drug operations that have kept any real investigation into their mis-deeds at bay.
          I posted something about Charles Ortel’s investigations in to the Clinton Foundation, so apologies if this is redundant:


        3. When you realize that there’s so much we’ll never know, chances are slim to none any of the Clinton’s scheming will be exposed. As I said “they know people who know people”.

          I’ll read the Ortel link later. It looks longer than 12 minutes to take in. About to eat dinner, simultaneously watching golf.

          Hey Cobra, you definitely need a Ricky Fowler orange flat rim Cobra hat!!!

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