Hello Kitty


For a couple of weeks now, I’ve caught site of a black and white cat meandering through the yard. Never long enough to capture a photo, until this morning, as she wandered up on to the patio.

She’s very skittish – she stopped in her tracks when she saw me, and then scampered away. I have to presume she’s a stray, no collar, and she looks unkempt and thin.

I’m totally NOT a cat person and don’t want a cat so I weigh the pros and cons of leaving milk or food for her. Part of me says I should see that she’s okay. The rest of me says she’s likely a good mouser and been used to living outside.

As you can see from the photo, it’s another rainy, misty, foggy and awful day but that won’t stop me from wishing all you dads out there a great day.

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty

  1. I’m not a cat person either but I understand your quandary. If after a few more days the kitty continues to visit I’d look to a cat rescue organization for advice. Meanwhile, I might leave a bowl of organic milk and some sushi grade raw tuna on the patio.

    1. Agree but she never makes an appearance at the same place it time. Mostly I’ve seen her in the driveway. Any rescue peep would have to lay in waiting to capture her.

  2. As I’m allergic to cats, physically and conceptually, I wouldn’t offer any victuals that might condition the feline to hang about the terrace. Hopefully, it will wander off to other territories.

  3. Kitty doesn’t appear to have been on its own for all that long. Hopefully someone reading this blog will recognize Kitty and know its owner.
    I don’t doubt she is finding enough to eat.

  4. Be careful where you buy the yellowfin tuna. Several states are recalling tuna because of hepatitis A.

    1. My suggestion to feed fresh tuna @$30/lb to a stray cat was tongue in cheek. But, thanks for the warning. I’ll check it out.

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