West Side Story

Thanks to the camera stylings of SoundBeacher, here are some fabulous shots of the West Side of NYC.

The hyperbolic paraboloid building below really stands – there are rentals available, in case you want to live there.

The amount of construction going on along the West Side of NYC is staggering. These new buildings are over the Hudson Rail Yards.

The townhouses below have grassy back yards and are on the river front, albeit a public walking path between them and the river.

Reason for our visit to Weehawken, NJ to see the dueling grounds of Alexander Hamilton.  On the bluffs overlooking Manhattan on July 11, 1804, at 7am, he and Aaron Burr held a duel.

On another day , we were in NYC and had a view of Weehawken from the other side.  We had walked around the streets where these large new homes are perched up high.  These do overlook the entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel and the day we were there the buses were bumper to bumper, I don’t think you could even open a window in these houses or the bus fumes would kill you, at least during drive time.

Thanks SB – an architecture and history tour. Perfect.

Happy Saturday – albeit gray and misting rain now. It rained heavily at some point last night, and also I heard a huge coyote fight – something got killed and that coyote must have a full belly.

8 thoughts on “West Side Story

  1. Hyperbolic paraboloid? What’s next EOS, Jeopardy?

    SB, impressive photos, even in the gray skies. I didn’t know the Hamilton Burr plaque was there. Learned something new today.

    1. Aw c’mon. Me, who got thrown out of Colorado Women’s College, would know from a hyperbolic anything?? I got it from the article. But yes, Jeopardy is on my bucket list. Maybe Kids Jeopardy?? They should have a Seniors Jeopardy.

  2. I always love Sound Beacher’s take on NY. The last time I was in the city, I never thought to step foot on the west side Are all the new builds condos, a la Trump? They sure get the best views but I don’t like living that far away from everything else. It wouldn’t appeal to me.

    OT, for reader caelestis: when your ship comes in, you’ll have to pass on this. Sold out.

    1. Thanks Peter, noted. TBH, the Koenigseggs have always appealed to my logic, but, never to my emotions (maybe too teutonic?). Anyway, I’ve been saving my pennies in the mayonnaise jar for this new Ford GT40 (gotta MAGA, right?) Clip with additional eye candy for EOS:

      1. So many thoughts re that YT clip:

        1. How YOU doin’ Joey Tribbiani has done very well by himself Post Friends. A couple of decent sitcoms (one on now on CBS isn’t awful), and this gig, the ultimate job for every car guy. Matt has improved with age.

        2. You think they closed the PCH while Matt took that little test drive or is it bluescreened and he’s really in a studio?

        3. Matt’s insurance company lets him take that car on Laguna Seca top speeds without a helmet??

        1. Tough questions, meh answers:
          1. Joey lucked out as the major personality when that twat, Chris Evans, quit Top Gear last year (still not Jeremy, Richard, James quality, hwvr).
          2. I’m sure they closed the Hwy. 1 to Big Sur for that photo shoot. Probably not hard to accomplish, owing to little traffic with the one bridge out in Big Sur and an additional mudslide (CA is bigger by 13 acres with a new point and new cove!) last month.
          3. I wondered about that! Not sure how they got away with that or some Ford minder in the passenger seat making sure the $500k car didn’t go cattywampus… (Richard Hammond doesn’t help by crashing some electric supercar last weekend).

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