Rainy Day Task: Shop for a fun Urn for Dawg’s Ashes

I’m glad it’s raining because it will wash off the residual stone dust from the patio, making it glisten. Plus, I do have bills to pay and things to buy, so it’s reasonable to be inside.

One of the things top on the list is to shop for a fun urn to store Dawg’s ashes. Her ashes came back in a zip lock bag inside a purple tin box inside a purple shopping bag, all emblazoned with the name of the pet crematorium. That’s fine, no complaint there, but in discussing what to do with the ashes more permanently, we thought it would be great to find a fun silly non-traditional urn for the ashes.

Good luck. Seems there is no such thing, a least not that I’ve found yet. Same old same old, nothing I see that appeals here.

This one is actually pretty funny, if you like a perverse humor.


These, too boring. Not remotely Dawg.


I’d like something that would capture Dawg’s sense of humor, like these two mutts!!


I suspect I’ll have to find someone on Etsy who can create something clever. I was thinking an urn shaped like a Greenie’s bone or an urn in the likeness of her yellow raincoat. Something, that when we see the urn, we smile and laugh. I don’t want to stare at some sad box or can.

Any thoughts? Anyone bought something they liked? Or are we the only weirdos out there who think like this. Don’t answer!


24 thoughts on “Rainy Day Task: Shop for a fun Urn for Dawg’s Ashes

  1. We made an “urn” for our dog out of his water and food bowls. We fastened them together one upside down on top of each other to create the closing with the tin of ashes tucked inside first. Then we bronzed her tennis ball and glued it to the top.

    Free. Silly.

    1. That made me smile! What a fabulous idea. I might have to steal that and affix a bronzed Greenie atop. Thanks for the brilliant and funny idea. Love it.

    1. Very cute idea as long as the grandkids know that there aren’t COOKIES in there!!

      Lots of ideas in that link…thanks again…

  2. This is not particularly helpful to you finding an urn….but when my dad died his ashes came to my mom in two plastic baggies in a cardboard box. No fancy purple for him, #backwoodsnorthernmichigan. He had seen The Bucket List and actually requested a Choc Full o Nuts coffee can. We did have one at the memorial, with a scarf over it, but I’m not sure any ashes made it in there. We scattered half on Lake Michigan and the rest eventually went into a niche at the church my grandfather built. Here’s the rub. My mother was having difficulty getting him into the urn (old Chinese thing they had laying around –collectors of fine things they were), so she thought I had better help her take the whole project to the minister at church. Then, in his office we tried to get a 1.1 liter bag with some air in it into a 1 liter urn. Someone muttered “dad! Why did you have that last pie?!” And ashes were spilled. Strange, but warm memory…

    1. The water tower, although klassy, is too bougie for Dawg. She was a Dawg of the People.

      Good choice for you, the Folger’s can – I’m going with Maxwell House, good to the last ash.

        1. Nice but we don’t have 4D service here and I don’t want a smart tv. I suspect all TVs soon will only be smart because the majority of people prefer it and use Netflix etc. I’m not there yet. Plus, I like to be smarter than my tv.

  3. I just love the expression on her face in your son’s giant military truck. If only you could capture that in a portrait, photo, or sculpture. Bibi

        1. We’re not looking to make the whole house a tribute to Dawg. That might be a wee bit over the top. I have friends whose father died on Christmas Day years ago and the mom now keeps up a tree year round. Creepy. We just want to have a little fun corner for Dawg.

    1. Oh dear Flash, that’s um, unique. I’d be hard-pressed for my loved ones to plant a tree over me then connect to said tree via an app. 🙂

  4. Eos, you said you didn’t want Dawg’s ashes buried on your property, but do you have a family plot? my cousin”s beloved beagle Charlie Golf (Coast Guard)ashes protect us all in the family plot on Cape Cod and we couldn’t be happier about it. Bibi

    1. There is a family plot on both sides – but no one in our generation wants to be put there, even ashes. We all want to be scattered. No permanent marker. I have an odd aversion to having a headstone – not sure where it comes from. We’ll take Dawg’ ashes to California next time there and let her go in the Pacific. In the meantime, we’ll keep her here, tucked safely on a shelf.

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