Looks like Amazon will own everything soon

Breaking news this morning that Jeff Bezos’s Amazon has bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion.

Photo from the WSJ

I’m not a Whole Foods shopper because…..

(a) I don’t own a black Range Rover

(b) I don’t give a hoot about organic foods

(c) I don’t like to pay a 300% premium on regular grocery items

(d) I like my grocery shopping without Virtue Signaling

I know there are Whole Foods devotees here and hey, if it works for you, I say go, shop there.

I do wonder what Bezos has in mind by acquiring Whole Foods though. Layoffs? Restructure? Raise the minimum wage of all employees?

Whatever his motives, if the owner of the Washington Post and Amazon feels this is a good deal, who am I to tell him no? I still won’t be shopping there.

Very chilly and unsunny Friday but nice enough to be outside with my coffee this morning. The shingles drug seems to be doing its thing, although I was never in any real pain to begin so there’s that. My bum is sore, like I had a shot, so I’m doing my best to stay standing all day, walking too to stretch out the sore leg and bum muscle. Maybe getting shingles will be the catalyst to losing weight!

Nothing else to report. No earth shattering news to share. So Happy Friday from me to you.

6 thoughts on “Looks like Amazon will own everything soon

  1. What I find the most interesting is the politics of this acquisition. It’s okay for Bezos to own Amazon, Whole Foods and the Washington Post, but when WalMart tries to expand or try home delivery, they get shut down by the media.

  2. Good morning ☕️ (Coconut cream, no sugar😒) I think Amazon is likely planning to expand their Amazon Fresh delivery capacity, which is great. Hopefully they can offer a better range with this acquisition. Generally I like Whole Foods, but I cannot stand going to the Greenwich store. Just like most stores, if you are a careful buyer, it can be cost effective….but it’s easy to blow all the savings you carefully strategize don a $15 tube of toothpaste 😳

    I would love to get a Range Rover for the luxury of it, but my ego does not want to be thought of as one of those rude and entitled types. I guess I have two choices, both involve letting go. I generally don’t care what others think, but even our new Volvo makes me feel a bit pompous.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better!

    1. As a fellow Greenwich resident, I agree that going to the WF here is insanity. The women who slam into a parking space as if its the last Jimmy Choo on sale is scary. I do like some of their meats and produce but not enough to worry if I’m going to bet accosted by a mom in a tennis skirt or yoga pants.

  3. Stolen from the comments at WSJ – winner winner

    Angie Becker
    Next Amazon will start to purchase hospitals and when a kid is born they’ll ship them home

    I’ve been into the WF in Chelsea and it was quite nice, lots of young wealthy kids. Like Martha said, if you don’ go there to buy toothpaste, you are probably okay. Bottom line, WF serves a market of shoppers who want what they sell. I can see why Amazon bought it.

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