Golf Just Isn’t the same without Tiger

U.S. Open - Round Four

The US Open is in full swing (pardon the pun) but I find myself not as interested in watching because darn, I know so few players anymore.

I grew up a golfer, in a crazy golf family and love the game still today. I like to cheer for the underdog and love when matches go into sudden death, good old cliffhangers.

Here’s the Leader Board as of this morning, those who have teed off early.


Let’s see. I’ve heard of Hoffman but couldn’t pick his face out of a lineup. I don’t know Aiken or Kim or Gooch or Love (is that Davis Love III’s son?). I don’t know Dredge but I do know Dufner. One for me.

I read this morning that Mickelson has withdrawn. I don’t know why though. Injury? Anyone know?

Quite frankly, golf isn’t the same since Tiger messed up his life and game. The crowds cheering him on. The excitement he brought to the event. The power in his drives and the accuracy of his short game. He was awesome.

Of course, I go back to the days of being part of Armie’s Army and a huge fan of Nicklaus. They had such personality. Such unique and different swings.

Today, everyone’s swing looks alike to me – it’s like watching the same golfer just in different clothing. And don’t get me started on golfer’s clothing. Sloppy, the tight white pants, and the beards. Oh, the beards are the worst.

I’ll probably watch the Open anyway, just because my gene pool dictates it. I don’t follow any one player anymore so it’s not like I’m pulling for one person this weekend.

I’m home today after being gone all day yesterday. The shingles are really not painful but I do feel like a throbbing in my left backside. Sitting is uncomfortable so I’ll do my best to be up and outside today. It’s gorgeous this morning – no AC needed. All the windows and doors open wide – a fine cool breeze wafting through, as well as the hum of the lawn mower crew here now.

Happy Thursday one and all.

11 thoughts on “Golf Just Isn’t the same without Tiger

  1. Lefty withdrew when it was clear he couldn’t attend his daughter’s graduation and still make an afternoon tee time.
    I grew up watching golf on tv and following the major tournaments. I’ll be watching this weekend to see who emerges as winner. Names of younger golfers are becoming familiar to me although I still root for the old guys. I don’t miss Tiger.
    I agree with you on some of those awful golf outfits but the tennis ones are worse.

      1. i don’t miss tiger either. his game was good but golf is also about values, family values. tiger was the antithesis of family values.

      2. . When he first disappeared from the scene I admit watching golf wasn’t much fun but it has been a long time since he was holding a trophy and I’ve moved on. Tiger was an incredible golfer with an ego to match. I enjoy watching potential cliff hangers more, though.
        And, believe it or not, I’m playing nine holes myself in a week or so. May even buy those cute deck shoe style golf shoes and a spiffs visor.

  2. The Golf Channel is as much to blame for the low viewership as Tiger being gone. They claim they have live coverage during the final days before it goes network but it’s all chat and a few shots of players on the putting green. Who wants to watch that?

    I’m glad there are younger players coming up in the ranks but I’m with you – I knew very few.

    Phil withdrew to attend his daughter’s high school graduation.

    1. Tiger was no shining example of decorum, either. He got away with it because he brought in the ratings.
      There’s no reason to be unsportsmanlike in any sport but it really bothers me when golfers act badly.

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