Very very very mild case. Nothing has spread. I feel no pain. Very little itching. Doc prescribed an antiviral drug to take for a week. Life is good.

Also, no sciatica. The numbness in my backside was directly related to the shingles.

Short version: I’m going to live… so I can continue to torture you with inane blog posts!

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  1. I guess if you’r going to get shingles at your age (our age), good that it’s a mild case.

  2. Yay! Early treatment is key. My father in law never got over the phn. Well, cranial sacral treatment helped a little, but he said it was like needles being constantly stuck into his face–only on one side though🙄

    1. Mr. EOS hasn’t gotten over the phn either and his case of shingles was almost nine years ago. He had a brutal case. Was in pain and itched all over. I feel lucky.

  3. I don’t understand why anyone age 60 and up who hasn’t had shingles doesn’t get the shingles vaccine. Especially since most of us had chicken pox at an early age (viewed as a good thing those days). Now we know that virus lurks in our bodies and often presents itself as shingles at an advanced age. Our internal medicine doc thought it a wimpy vaccine, and I can’t get my wife to take it, even though I tell everyone that my bout of shingles was no fun. Worst case, I think the vaccine does no harm. Best case, I think it helps avoid much unpleasantness.

    1. The only person I know who took the vaccine got such a horrible case of shingles, he’s crippled with pain. No one in my family has gotten the vaccine. None of my immediate friends either. Maybe we are a stubborn lot. Or stupid. I just don’t want a vaccine in my body.

  4. When a dear dear friend got cancer, his chemo sent his immune system down the tubes. The subsequent bout of shingles was simply horrific. My thought is, get all the troops lined up on your side in advance. Bibi

    1. My immune system is the bomb. As I’ve said here many times before, I could lick the handle of a grocery cart and never get sick.

  5. Sorry that you have shingles, but like Peter said thankfully it is a mild case.
    May i ask if you know why your GP does not like the shingles booster? I have a friend who is deciding whether to get it or not…i haven’t gotten it yet( i am 51)… not sure what age is appropriate to get vaccinated…i worry about side effects from vaccinations but then again shingles can be devastating…hope you are pain free really soon.

    1. My doctor always errs on the side of saying no to new vaccines. She’s not a loon, not one of these who doesn’t believe in any vaccines, just not this one. She sat as part of the advisory committee when this vaccine was created, back in 2007 I think, and she didn’t like that it presented itself so any different ways in individuals. Some, like Bibi said, with deficient immune systems, reacted badly to the shot.

      I certainly would respect what your own doctor says. My opinion or what my doctor says should not weight into your decision. I come from a long line of martyrs – we don’t take pills, don’t take shots.

  6. I hope you are feeling better, so glad it wasn’t bed bugs
    I too had older friends who had gotten shingles and suffered. I was worried and asked my internist about the shot. My insurance wouldn’t cover it until a certain age. Everyone who has had shingles said pay the money get the shot. My Dr. gave it to me as my Birthday present. I think it was a joke, but I did get it for free!! I had a bad case of chicken pox as a kid and still get asked about the scars on my face!! I DID NOT want to get shingles. They say it is brought on due to stress…

    1. I didn’t know insurance didn’t cover it and I bet that’s a factor for some seniors who are on a fixed income. I asked my mom f the doctors at her senior community recommend it and she said no, but not for any other reason than they are too old, over the recommended age limit.

      I’d rather have a mild case without the vaccine than with it. If having the vaccine doesn’t prevent the shingles, then what’s the point?

      Happily for me, I’d say my life is 99.99% stress free, so in my case, stress did not play a factor.

  7. At the recommendation of my Doc, I got the vaccine upon hitting 60. Subsequently got a mild shingles attack. Without the vaccine, likely would have gotten a more serious attack.

    1. I think that’s the logic the doctors give out – take the vaccine and get a mild case but my poor neighbor is in misery with a full blown case after his vaccine. I guess my point is you never know what’s lurking in someone’s body to know how any vaccine will react.

      I’m glad you got the shot, had a mild case, and are now done.

  8. Neither my wife nor I wanted to take the shingles vaccine even though our doctor did recommend. My wife got a mild case of shingles about a year ago but the anti-viral medicine seemed to enhance her pain, not subdue it. She had headaches as side effects of the medicine too. Are you experiencing any problems?

  9. both my children had chicken pox when very young as we did not have a chicken pox vaccine in the UK at that time. Then they both had shingles in their teens (different times)- until then I did not realise that you could get shingles as a young person. Luckily they did not have any lasting effects, but saw my Dad suffer badly from facial neuralgia after he had shingles. I plan to have the shot at some point. Feel better soon – and keep away from pregnant ladies!

    1. Shingles in teens? Huh, that’s news to me too.

      My kids had chicken pox young as well, age 4-5ish – two of them had it at the same time, which I was happy about. Over and done.

      I’ve heard horror stories of people with lasting pain and neuralgia like you described your dad had. I can’t imagine.

      I am going to sequester myself for the next week – seeing no one if possible and I do know to stay away from pregnant women. Doc sad to stay away from older people too, older than me, that is!

  10. We don’t take pills or shots either…i am hoping the green juice will save us😜

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