Whatya Know, whatya know. My rant.

Hmmm, come to find out just now the shooter of the Congressmen at the baseball game this morning is a true Trump hater, a Bernie supporter.



The assassination chic biz that the Dems and Hollywood lap up has to stop. No more. Haters want death, there is no if and or but about it.


Any comments from prominent Dems re this shooting today or will they blame the NRA and gun control. My bet is the latter, the blame game.

In my humble opinion, the Dems have crossed the line from insane to criminal. It’s just lucky no one was killed today.

End of rant.

4 thoughts on “Whatya Know, whatya know. My rant.

  1. Your’re too late in wishing that the left won’t blame gun control. That cat is out of the bag.

    1. Ha. he Dems have trotted out Gabby Giffords today. Not to minimize her pain and suffering from what was a brutal shooting, but her husband decided to market her as a gun lobbyist. She doesn’t offer a non-partisan point of view.

      McAuliffe was on record as blaming guns, CBS tweeted it, and after getting called out, deleted the tweet.

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