On an Even Keel, at least on the patio

One of the hottest days of the year so far and the stone guys came at 8:30 and left just now, tackling lifting up all the flagstones, putting down new stone dust underneath, then spreading more stone dust and brushing it into the crevices.



The end job is incredible – quite the transformation from the mossy moldy dingy uneven patio a month ago. I told them to leave the furniture where they moved it to – we’ll rearrange differently, now that certain spots that were caving in are now level. Plus, I told them it was too hot outside to worry about moving so much furniture at the end of a long backbreaking day.

So THAT’S all good to go. As for me, I’m ready to be taken to the woodshed and shot. I think my sciatica is actually shingles related as I have a shingles like rash on my backside. Mr. EOS had a full blown case of shingles about ten years ago, around his waist, and to this day he still gets some PHN (Postherpetic neuralgia) zings of pain. I swear, everything is happening to me at once, like my system is down or something. I don’t like this one bit as I consider myself extraordinarily healthy. I may need a spa vacation.


13 thoughts on “On an Even Keel, at least on the patio

  1. Shingles? Oh no. You’re like the fifth person this year to tell me they have shingles. My husband had them too and he was unable to accept the pain. It unglued him.

    Hope yours aren’t bad.

    1. Funny you should say that. Not more than a couple of weeks ago, I ran into my neighbors on a walk. He, in his late 70s said he came down with a severe bout of shingles, out of the blue, for no reason that he could attribute. Then he said that a couple of his artist friends have it too. Is there something in the water?

  2. Looks like your talented stone guys did a fantastic job! Albeit back breaking and not in the shade.
    Get thee to thy GP ASAP.
    Diagnosis and treatment trumps any spa treatment.

  3. Please tell me you got the shingles booster shot. and stay away from possibly pregnant young women until your GP gives you the all-clear. Bibi

    1. My GP dislikes the shingles booster -she doesn’t recommend it to any of her patients. Ironically, the neighbor who has the severe case DID get the booster.

      PS: I don’t know that I have shingles. Mr. EOS thinks not. I’m seeing doctor anyway but there’s no pain associated with the bumps.

  4. Yikes. Have you checked for Lyme? Lots of unexpected side effects…if you want, I have a great chiropractor in Stamford. I’m sure she could help with your satirical pain.

    My gardener is wanting to put in a couple of butterfly bushes. I know you have them–how do you like them? I think they are kind of floppy and phallic–not my favorite. I asked him for a bloomerang lilac, and he brought one–but I’m tempted to tell him more lilac, less butterfly. He says the butterfly bush does great in my area (micro) and actually repels deer, vs just being resistant. Would love your input.

    Hope you’re feeling better!

    1. I’m going to the doc at 2:30 today. I expet to have a long discssion of what it might be. As a side note, I called Hampton Inn Guest Services to see if the hotel in PA had bed bugs. Yikes!

      I adore my butterfly bushes. I used to have them in front of the house but they grew so huge so fast, I had to move them down to the pool garden where I don’t see them up close. I like them in bunches, maybe set separately from others. Yes, they do flop and yes, they are a bit phallic. Mine are deep deep purple. Actually my gardener does NOT like them – she says they seed like wildflower and procreate too much, invading other gardens. But they do bring lovely butterflies and birds.

    1. The stone wall is very old, is cemented together and I was afraid the power wash would damage the wall to the point it might need to be rebuilt Yes, it would have been nice to clean it, but I didn’t want to take the chance.

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