A Sting Operation


As is my norm, I take my coffee and phone outside every morning to enjoy the peace and quiet, the beauty that is my gardens and look happily at the newly scrubbed patio.

This morning I did the same, barefoot, but not pregnant, waiting for the stone guys to come to put the stone dust in the patio stones to realign them all.

One of the stones was particularly off kilter and I didn’t want to trip, so I lifted it up a bit to see how far down the old stone dust had fallen and to put a foot stool over it so no one else tripped….lo and behold, I unearthed a nest of angry bees, bees speaking generically because I don’t know if they were bees or wasps. They came at me with full force, darting so fast I could barely dash, especially considering my sciatica is still bothering me.

I got stung several times – on my foot, on my leg, and on my arm. I was swatting so furiously that I must have incited them further. Of course, I was sitting at the end of the patio farthest from the breakfast room slider I came out so it was a comedic dance routine getting back inside.

I’m pretty swollen and the stings on my feet hurt the worst. I’m going to have to alert the stone guys and they might want the nest removed before they work. I would not want them to get stung. Fortunately I’m not allergic so I’ll be fine but wow, it was crazy how angry they were.

Otherwise, Happy Monday. Sunny and darn hot here, so hot that the a/c went on yesterday noon’ish. Looks like summer is back, to stay.

I only half-heartedly watched the Belmont and did NOT even think of watching the Tony Awards and I hear-tell politics won an award. Who watches those award shows anymore?

4 thoughts on “A Sting Operation

  1. To quote my favorite blogger (you), Yikes!!!!!

    Glad you are okay. My neighbor’s dog got stung last year and her face got so swollen they had to give her antihistamines.

  2. In my experience the guys who work in nature would not be admitting fear of beees….in fact they might welcome the chance to exercise bravado…bring the stone dust guys on and get your camera ready

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