Adam West, the Iconic Batman from TV, Dies

Bam! POW! Crash! Oh No.

He was 88! How did that happen?? That must be wrong because that means I have aged too, and I haven’t, so I’ll remember him from the 60s TV show that was as campy as campy could get. I loved it.


As a Family Guy fan too, I knew Adam West as the voice of the Mayor of Quahog, Rhode island!

Here’s a Best of Batman YT video for those of you who grew up on this kind of fun stuff. Where is this campiness today?

25 thoughts on “Adam West, the Iconic Batman from TV, Dies

  1. Dang! I should come here first. I just put that Best of Batman YT on that other blog. Methinks Donald Trump is a modern day Bruce Wayne – I mean, look how all the baddies are scattering!

    1. Great minds think alike here. You being a FG fan too, you know West’s voice was a huge part of what made FG hysterical, and that episode where he had an affair with Meg? Or was that the newsman?

        1. This is the episode I was thinkng of:

          Meg is employed as an intern for Mayor West after doing an interview with him. The family is impressed by this news, and Brian feels pressured as he is becoming the “new Meg” due to him not having a job. Brian decides to become a taxicab driver, but soon becomes intent on exposing the corruption of Mayor West to the public after receiving a $400 parking ticket for parking his taxicab on a handicapped zone without permit next to a store where Brian bought some milk for Lois. After discussing his corruption beliefs with Meg, she argues that Mayor West is a nice person and that he should drop it. Stewie, after learning of Brian’s intentions to expose Mayor West, decides to go with Brian and assist him. After meeting in a parking lot with a whistleblower that happens to be Kermit the Frog, Brian discovers where Mayor West will be on the night, and follows him to a motel with Stewie.
          They arrive at a motel, spy on West through the wall, and discover he’s involved in a relationship with Meg. Seeing this relationship as an ideal opportunity to take West down, Brian photographs the two together in romantic scenes and records their talk in a restaurant, threatening to release them to the press. After Meg finds out about this, she confronts West, who says he and Meg should separate due to the negative media images which will follow if Brian does release the images, because even though he’s used to it, he does not want Meg’s life to be ruined, stating how much he really cares about her. They separate, with Mayor West telling Meg that even though he’s leaving her, he’ll always love her. Brian, having secretly heard this, realizes he has made a mistake and Mayor West isn’t as bad as he thought, subsequently destroys the images, and later apologizes to Meg (telling her that he got so caught up in taking down Mayor West that he lost sight of what was really important).

          There’s one with Lois’s sister? Remind me.

        2. I don’t remember that episode and I speak fluent FG. Giggety giggety.

          Speaking of giggety giggety, I said that once at a cocktail party (don’t remember the context but it made sense, to me at least) and only two people laughed. I was in a room of sourpuss Dems. My sis would never watch FG and if she did, she (a) wouldn’t get it and/or (b) would think it’s disgusting. I am the daughter of the mailman.

        3. I thought Seth MacFarlane was as liberal as they come? But, watching FG, I think he skewers both sides, equally, so Dems probably just don’t get/appreciate the shades of grey. Seth has a great tweet that might provide an insight as to why the Ds have no sense of humor:

        4. I saw one tweet of his before the election where he said what he hears most is that “people love what he writes on his tv shows but hate his politics”.
          For the record, I’ve never watched his American Dad nor Cleveland when it’s own show spun off. For me, FG is the holy grail of humor. Episodes come and go. Some are funnier than others. Some aren’t even funny. My favorites are when Peter plays for the Patriots and when Brian and Stewie take their road trip to the North Pole. I mean, they got to rent a helicopter just for singing a Broadway show tune!!

        5. The chicken fighting was funny once but I always got the sense that when a long fight was in an episode it meant the writers ran out of storyline.

    1. Good analogy to Mad Magazine. I read and loved Mad, as I also did Game Magazine (which was probably something in the 70s?)

      I wondered who had the Batmobile. I thought it was at the Smithsonian or something. Thanks for the link.

    1. Love it. Some actors who make their fame from one role early on look to distance themselves from it. Glad West embraced his Batman persona. I wonder how lucrative it was for him, if he received lifetime royalties and ad endorsements.

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